Ice Cream Sorcery

Do you guys see that in my cart, peeking in the little corner?

YES, that’s Halo Top, which I have never tried until this weekend! The reason I never tried Halo Top was because I was too afraid… I had tried other “diet” ice creams that tasted like Chicago side of the road ice sludge with a pinch of pint… I’m looking at YOU, Arctic Zero.

I went to Whole Foods to get my mad at Max food, dolmas, or grape leaves. I don’t know why but whenever I’m mad at Max I want grape leaves… Lauren says that she totally understands because when she’s mad at her boyfriend she eats bowls and bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

I remember reading about how much Mack loves her Halo Top, and since I trust her judgment I instantly grabbed the container when I saw it on sale!

Even when I’m sitting on the floor questioning my romantic choices I still look pretty cute, right? LOL, kidding. (PS, I thank all of you for your support and kind words, I really appreciate it! And don’t ever be embarrassed to ask what’s going on if you’re curious–I’ll always fill you guys in 😉 )

I got the mint chip, and all I can say is OH MY GOSH.

240 calories per pint, 24 grams of protein… HOW? How?

I swear this must be some kind of sorcery. It tastes SO amazing and it’s low in sugar and fat as well? You have to let it sit for a couple minutes on the counter before you eat because it freezes HARD, but it’s worth the wait!

I literally ran into Jojo’s room and told her she had to get a pint too. I texted Stephon, and I basically told all of Snapchat. It’s amazing. It tastes like normal ice cream, but I honestly prefer Halo Top. I’m also a weird quasi healthy kind of person, so take that into account.

Oh, and as for my blouse… can we believe I paid $5 for it? Super cute, right?

It pairs really well with my peacoat too!

Anyways, thank you guys for everything and please have a great week! What’s your favorite ice cream?


6 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sorcery

  1. Such a fun post :)) lol and yes you are cute on the floor eating your new fav ice cream. Havent tried it but i want to now! My fav is a Caramel cookie crunch gelato and I think the brand is Talent? Maybe that’s a sign i should eat it more lol –Jess

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    1. Hahaha thank you! You definitely have to give Halo Top a try…it’s sooo good! I love Talenti as well, my favorite Talenti is the standard chocolate one. The fruitier Talentis tend to taste like soap to me. I’ve never tried caramel cookie crunch, though but it is Ashley’s favorite!

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  2. You have no idea how happy this made me!!! I made DJ read the post too- and I went “See!! It is as good as I say!”. Thank you so much for the shout out and I am sooooo stinking glad you love it! AHH! I loooooove the mint flavor. And you look so darn cute eating the stuff (obsessed with the outfit per usual). Hope you had a great weekend, beautiful! xox

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    1. I’m so glad you blogged about it because I passed it sooo many times in WF but was nervous because of a bad experience I had with Arctic Zero. I’ll be sure to try Strawberry Halo Top next time, since you mentioned how great it was! No problem on the shout out, I always trust your judgment and reccomendations! I had a great weekend, I hope the two of you did as well. I’m totally laughing at how you showed DJ the post haha. Have a great week!

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      1. Yes! I was the same way. Arctic zero kinda made me wary of trying the other “fake ice creams” haha. But yes- Halo Top is soooo similar to the real stuff. I’m so glad that I didn’t lead ya wrong 😉 Have a great week too, Chrissey!! xo

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