Missing in Action (Plus My Study Essentials)

Study essentials-

  • Super delicious jerky, this is Turkey Perky Jerky and it is AMAZING. It’s my favorite snack.
  • Starbucks, I get a grande chai latte with soymilk, with two shots of espresso.
  • Something sweet, I grabbed chocolate caffeine bites
  • Energy drink, I grabbed organic sparkling energy grapefruit water… the organic aspect made me feel a little bit less like I was killing my body.
  • Food, this is Whole Foods’ smoked mozzarella pasta salad. It is AMAZING. If you have not tried, you are missing out. If someone figures out how to make this at home, tell me.

(This lip stain has been on since 8 am and it’s currently 2.. it’s survived coffee and lunch!)

This is one of my biggest exams this semester, and I definitely have to bring my A game, so I will be disappearing off the face of the Earth until after my exam Monday night. (I’m planning on pulling an all nighter and going straight to work tomorrow morning after being at the library). And I have an exam on Tuesday morning so… regularly scheduled blog posts will be back after that.

Thanks to all of you for understanding, and I will see you Tuesday!



4 thoughts on “Missing in Action (Plus My Study Essentials)

  1. Good luck! I’m right there with you on crunch time for exams >.< also Yes on the chai w/espresso!! –jess

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    1. Thank you so much!! Good luck on everything!

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    1. Thank you so much! Have a great week!


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