Floral Print Crewnecks (A Casual Studying Outfit)

I find that in moments of stress and studying, that it helps to take a quick break to do something you enjoy…like blogging.

The other day, I threw my bad hair day into a messy high pony, threw on a cute floral sweatshirt, and was going to head off to study for my exam. But then, I contemplated blogging about this casual (but comfy) little outfit! I asked Jojo what she thought, and she told me that it’s casual…but SUPER cute.

And so, here we are!


I don’t wear crewneck sweatshirts too often, but I am a HUGE fan of floral printed crewneck sweatshirts. I think that they are so freaking cute, and that they can easily be elevated or casual, depending on what you’re doing! I got this super cute pastel floral one from H&M, and I paired it with a bright green circle scarf from Charming Charlie.

I threw on some quasi-distressed dark denim skinny jeans, and my favorite olive riding boots. They have the tiniest bit of olive, as most people think they’re more of a brown color! They go with pretty much every outfit I have, which is why they are one of my fall staples. I bought them on ShoeDazzle, on sale for $15…. such a good deal!


Although my hair is only in a messy ponytail (Jojo says I do my ponytails in a very certain way, so I have contemplated making a tutorial…. I guess in a way I am kind of particular about how I do my ponytails so it makes sense).

I used my Naked 2 palette to do my eye makeup. I put Bootycall all over my lid, and then gently blended Chopper into my crease. I then darkened the outer 1/3 of my crease with YDK. This has been my current favorite eye makeup look using the Naked 2 palette! It’s easy, pretty, and natural.

(I’m also using my new favorite bronzer and eyeliner…but more about that later! You’ll have to wait until after my exam).

My lip color is that new berry lip stain balm thing I picked up the other day. It’s perfect for studying, because the light lip stain stays all day. Or all night!

Alright guys, I’m headed back to studying. Have a great day!


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