Yums of the Week #3 (I Think?)

Hey all, this is a rare occurrence because I said that I would be M.I.A. (and trust me, I definitely will be), but I wanted to post a quick Yums of the Week because I hadn’t done one in a long, long, long time, and also because I really needed a freaking study break! And a life break…

And food just makes us all happy.

Also, I am no longer a vegetarian, I’m back eating a little bit of meat, once in a while. I primarily have white meat, and don’t eat red meat too often.

(And for those of you saying “Ahhhhh but what about Max?!” I still have pretty much been ignoring his existence and working my BUTT off. I know it’s an ultra dramatic story and we all wanna know what happens next. Trust me, if he spontaneously shows up at the library with cheese fries and confesses his undying love, you guys will be second to know. I think my friends would kill me if they read it on my blog before I told them first!)


Enough about that, on to the Yums of the Week!


The infamous Blue Apron chicken. I won’t go into detail about it, but the backstory is kind of funny… It’s actually unfortunately, everyone’s favorite story. I’m just going to say that this recipe was absolutely freaking delicious and I 100% plan on making it again! It was TO. DIE. FOR.

Have you guys ever had grape leaves? Well, if you haven’t they are these super delicious little rolls of magicalness that my roommate introduced to me. They are stuffed with this super delicious rice flavored with chickpeas, dill, lemon, and all sorts of delicious herbs and spices! So, because of that, I decided to try to make the rice at home!

Plus, I was really craving grape leaves.

I chopped up some kale to substitute for the leaves, and it was DELICIOUS. I will post a recipe soon, do not worry!

Aloha Eats… this is their Chicken Katsu with a piece of fried Spam Katsu, with mac salad, rice, and a side of curry sauce. I normally get their gravy sauce, but this is my new favorite. It is absolutely freaking amazing and I’ve declared my love for Aloha Eats on the blog before. It might seem weird to serve all of this with mac salad, but trust me, it works. The salty, crispy chicken, the spicy curry sauce, plus the creamy mac and salad and hot rice, together they’re amazing.

I had already eaten most of it and realized that I had forgotten to take a photograph…but the Cauliflower Au Gratin from Whole Foods is absolutely AMAZING. I’m definitely going to try to recreate this recipe, because it was so flavorful and creamy! If there’s something I have a weakness for, it’s vegetables and cheese…so the two together? Yums.

The aforementioned grape leaves. Jojo and I buy at least a box per week…each…they are absolutely delicious and crazy addictive! The brand that our Whole Foods stocks is by Oasis, but I’m not sure if it is different for each Whole Foods. Ugh, just typing about them now is making me want to trek over to WF to get some.

Speaking of Whole Foods…

(PS don’t buy that cheese. It is NOT yummy).

I baked this pizza pretty late at night, but it was really delicious! I was skeptical about the cornmeal crust, but it gave it a nice crunch and the pizza didn’t fall apart or flop around. One thing that happens a lot with Chicago-style pizza is that the bottom crust can get SUPER wet and soaked and all mushy, instead of buttery and with a light crisp. This crust was crunchy and savory, and ultra tasty. I totally ate the leftover pizza the next day, cold, and it tasted just as great.

My roommate and I found a new Mexican place to order from, and their chicken taco combo is delicious! The tacos are packed full of filling, and they give me one lime per taco…I know that this is a silly thing to care about, but I love the flavor of lime on my tacos! The beans and rice were really good as well, and of course, I had to pull a Corona out of the fridge…

Also, I feel like I should share this “ultra-secret” Corona buying tip (not at all a secret, he’s very proud that he knows actually) that Max shared with me. I remember calling him during a grocery trip to Pete’s and asking him exactly what to do, since he’s the expert here…

He said that if you buy Coronas, to buy the canned beer and not the six pack. He says that the twelve packs always taste better because the six packs are in glass bottles. Because Corona is imported from Mexico, in transportation they are exposed to sunlight. Due to the fact that the glass bottles are clear and the beer isn’t covered, the sunlight metabolizes the alcohol, making it taste weird and gross. The canned 12 pack is completely covered by the box, and so the beer isn’t broken down from sunlight, thus they taste better!

Oh, and he also says when buying alcohol to always grab the one in the back of the freezer, because the alcohol right in front is exposed to the warmer temperature of the store, so it is not as good as the alcohol in the back of the fridge.

I blogged about my study essentials, and here they are. The Smoked Mozzarella Pasta Salad from WF is one of my favorite things in the entire world. I’ve never tried duplicating the recipe, but I do not think that I could! The Hi-Ball tastes just like Grapefruit La Croix, which is my favorite beverage in the entire world. And the chocolate energy bites are like grown up M&Ms. They really pack a punch!

Okay, so this turkey jerky.

This turkey jerky is freaking delicious. It is flavorful, it is soft and chewable so you don’t feel like your teeth are going to break off. It is super delicious, go try it! I’m a huge fan of beef jerky, especially as snacks, and this one is by far my favorite store bought brand.

OKAY, guys, as much fun as this was, your girl has A LOT of work to do tonight…I’m going to get back to studying, and I will see you all on Tuesday!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! You guys are the best.


6 thoughts on “Yums of the Week #3 (I Think?)

  1. lol! I love that the way to get your attention would be to jump in on your study session and confess his love for you with cheese fries! and omg you can cook! so awesome, bc there are so many ppl around our age who don’t know how to like at all – as usual, loved your post :)) –jess

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheese fries are the way to my heart, especially if they’re from Portillo’s! He actually asked me if I wanted some last time I saw him, so he’s getting there!

      I CAN cook, and I really love cooking! I’ve posted recipes on the blog before, of various things. Thank you so much, do you cook as well?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad he is catching on :)) lol and yes, I can cook too — but I never really cook for myself. My bf and I cook all the time when we are together(long distance currently bc school) but never when we’re apart. Lol I’m so simple when it’s just me. That’s why i think it’s so cool that you still take the time to cook good dinners for yourself ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. YAAAASSSS. You know me, and you know I love a foodie post. This all looks amazing. I am so stoked that you do Blue Apron!!! ❤ Also just read your last post about Blue Apron- hahhaha. Love. And I am obsesssssed with stuffed grape leaves. I don't think enough people know the amazing-ness of them. Thanks for sharing. Now I need a snack at 1 am. Whoops. Hahha.


    1. I have done it TWICE, and I have loved it both times! Max has been asking about the next delivery since he missed the chicken, hahaha. I love food posts, I’m that nosy kinda girl that likes to know what people eat! Especially since I love food!

      Stuffed grape leaves are SOOO good. Even though the rice was so tasty it definitely was not the same! They’re like little rolls of magic. I hope you enjoyed your snack!

      Liked by 1 person

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