Five Days of Eyeshadow, Using the Naked 2

Hey guys! Since I’m trying to use my Naked 2 Palette more often, I thought that I could post my makeup look for the week. I’ll be posting pictures each day with what products I used, and how I did it.

11/14, Look #1


I’ve been falling in love with my Naked 2 palette again; I’ve definitely been reminded of how much I love it and why I made the investment to purchase it in the first place! It was my first big makeup purchase after all, and I cannot recommend it enough.

I used three shades. I first blended YDK all over my lids, which is this GORGEOUS coppery frosty medium brown. Go swatch it the next time you’re at Sephora, it’s absolutely beautiful.

I then blended Tease into my crease to define the eye, which is this dirty light brown. I then added Snakebite to darken the crease a smudge, which is this dark golden brown.

Tutorial here.

11/15, Look #2


For this look, I put Bootycall all over my lid, and then blended Tease with a little bit of Snakebite in the crease to darken the crease! Those two have been my favorite crease colors so far. I used to LOVE using super light eyeshadows as the main color (that’s how I used up all of Foxy in my palette), but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gravitated to a natural metallic kind of color for my everyday routine.

11/16, Look #3



Sometimes, we have bummy days. This was one of those days. I threw on a t-shirt with my jeans, and grabbed a sweatshirt. I had been up since 5:30 that morning… it was a super busy day. And my makeup lasted for all of it!

For this look, I put Suspect all over my lid, and then blended Tease with a little bit of Snakebite in the crease to darken the crease! Those two have been my favorite crease colors so far… as you guys can tell! Suspect is actually one of my least used colors in the palette, which is really surprising because it is such a pretty dirty gold! I’ll definitely try to throw this more into circulation.

11/17, Look #4


I originally FREAKED OUT this morning when I took the bobby pins out and my hair looked like Shirley Temple in Heidi. However, because of the crazy Chicago weather (it is SEVENTY SIX degrees today), my hair is now messily curled/wavy. I think it’s very Serena Van Der Woodsen.

ANYWAYS, for the makeup..

For this look, I put Bootycall all over my lid, and then blended Chopper with a little bit of Snakebite in the crease to darken the crease! I wanted to try something new and mix the two pink-ish shades and see what I could come up with…overall, I think it’s a really casual, pretty look! Lots of Snakenite to darken the crease this week…I’ll have to try to do a look without it in the crease!

Once again I have no lipstick… sorry guys. I did put on a red lipstick later though!

11/18, Look #5


Okay, so for the last look of this week, I wanted to challenge myself to use Snakebite as a lid color..

For this look, I put Snakebite all over my lid, and then blended Suspect with a little bit of YDK in the crease to lighten up the crease to make a smokey eye kind of look! I don’t wear darker eye makeup very often, but I like how it turned out to be a metallic-y brown smokey eye

So, there you go guys, this post in my drafts for a few days… I definitely had fun sharing what I came up with all of you, and this whole experience really reminded me about how amazing this palette was. I’ll be sharing my FAVORITE eye makeup look with all of you soon!

What’s your favorite eyeshadow? Palette?



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