My New Haircut + Experience at Fringe


This is how my hair naturally looks, it is blunt, it is super thick, and pin-straight. Literally, the only thing I did to my hair in that photo was wash it and let it air dry. I am super minimal and no effort with my hair (sometimes I don’t even brush it!), and very low maintenance with my hair. For hair products, I use the Aussie moisture shampoo and the three minute miracle hair mask as conditioner.


Long, thick, straight, and quite honestly… a little bland. I knew that I wanted change, and I wanted a haircut that I would really love and that would suit me better. I decided to go to Fringe, because I love Wicker Park, and also because I heard absolutely glowing reviews. I stalked their Instagram and Yelp page, and then booked an appointment for that day.

I wanted lots of layers, more texture in my hair so it didn’t look so bland, and also a v-shape in the back. I wanted my hair to be easier to maintain, and to look pretty even when I put in zero effort.

And also, hair is your most important accessory, so I needed to invest in a nice haircut! I wanted a haircut that was as sassy as I was.


The decor was very trendy and chic, and the staff there was so incredibly nice! The girl that shampooed my hair laughed at my retelling of the Max, Haz, and Bernie situation and was the absolute sweetest!

And everyone there was absolutely GLOWING and super happy.


Am I the only one that feels like they look the worst sitting in front of the chair at the salon?

After a consultation with my hairstylist, we decided that a sharp v might look a little weird with my straight hair, because the tiny piece on the end would just hang in the back awkwardly. We opted for layers, lots of texturizing, thinning, and balancing the two sides of my hair.

My last hairstylist messed up the cut of my hair by bringing it too forward, and making it too heavy in some spots. So Jackie worked to balance things out, give my hair some texture and style, and also to give me the layers and shape that I wanted! She also gave me some wonderful tips on taking care of my hair, the first being that I need to not use my hair mask as a conditioner…

And also to use heat protectant when I curl my hair. Oops.

She was the absolute sweetest, and gave me the best haircut of my life. No lies. My hair was a BILLION times lighter, and she showed me what it would look like with and without styling, and made sure that my haircut still looked pretty in both situations!

She also taught me how to style my hair with a roundbrush, when I want a little bit of oomph.

I think it’s so important to be honest when it comes to how you take care of and style your hair..because I definitely wanted an easy to manage haircut! And Jackie gave me an absolutely beautiful one!

Okay, ten million pictures to follow. The lighting was a little dim, so you can’t see every single detail, but the idea is there!


I absolutely love it! And I am so glad that I made the investment to go to a nicer salon, and to get my hair done. I’m definitely going to be back to Fringe, and they’ve got a regular customer in me!

Oh, and after that…


We went to get wings, so…I had to share that too, of course! Twenty five cent wings at DS Tequila. Bernie asked how all of us didn’t drink, but come on… TWENTY FIVE CENT WINGS!

Alright guys, thanks for reading! I hope all of you had a great beginning for your week….now on to the four day weekend!


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