I’m Expecting!!!

You guys, I have very exciting news for all of you.

I am expecting… a Tom Ford lipstick.

(And yes I one hundred percent sent that email to one of my friends).

I used some Black Friday magic, and after a lot of pondering and back and forth contemplating, I pulled the trigger.

I successfully converted my roommate Jojo into a Naked palette user (she got the Naked Smoky!), and after watching her order it (BTW, Naked palettes are 20% off at the Urban Decay website), I decided that I was going to reward myself with a Tom Ford lipstick.

Cause you know–stress, Max, exams, graduating, yadda yadda. Max. More Max.

(What I imagine my life will be like after I have this lipstick, lol just kidding)

I bought Richard, which is a repromote of one of their OG shades, and you bet your butt that after spending that much on a lipstick (although I used reward points, promotional codes, Black Friday stuff, etc…) I’m going to post a review and blog post about this lipstick.

I’m just so freaking excited. TOM FORD LIPSTICK.

(And because I’m awesome like that I will be sure to post dupes and whatnot, you’re welcome!)

This reminds me of that episode of The Mindy Project when Mindy finds a Tom Ford lipstick in Danny’s medicine cabinet, and then she finds out he’s sleeping with another woman. She then tells him that she’s still going to keep the lipstick regardless because it’s nicer than the one she uses… to be honest, I would do the same thing! These lipsticks are EXPENSIVE. (I got the lowest priced one, they’re usually $50+)

I’ve already jokingly asked if I can insure this lipstick.

What purchase have you been excited about recently?



10 thoughts on “I’m Expecting!!!

  1. Hahahahaahaha!!!! Congratulations on your bundle of joy lol! I am currently expecting as well. My Kylie – Holiday Kyshadow Palette and a 2 Lime Crime lipsticks should be here next week.

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    1. I almost got the Holiday Kyshadow palette but I was like, “let’s be honest you only really use your Naked 2…” and what kind? I bought ONE Lime Crime lipstick once and it was really amazing but the color was totally off… so I had to give it to my roommate. She wears it all the time and it looks awesome on her though!

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      1. I totally understand, I just bought the Anastasia Master Palette By Mario last week, I’m going to force myself to use these palettes lol.

        I consider myself to be a Lime Crime junky lol, overall I love the colors and the quality of the lipsticks, but I do have a few odd colors that I wouldn’t wear out in public. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone tho.

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      2. I’m obsessed with the Mario palette but it’s been sold out… and there is a few in particular that Jeffree Star makes that I’ve been lusting over too… ugh maybe I’ll be expecting more than I originally thought!

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      3. Lol I had to go to three different Ultas to find one. Have you checked Macys? I always forget they sell ABH. I haven’t really gotten into Jeffree Star yet. There are sooo many options out there, almost too many.

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      4. I totally forgot that they sell ABH!! You’re a genius! Jeffree I haven’t gotten too into, but I heard there’s a sale for Cyber Monday and I’m definitely tempted… I’ve been good though! I only picked up the Tom Ford lipstick!

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      5. I’ve gone wayyy over my spending limit already, I’m hoping they’ll have decent sales closer to Christmas. If you buy something, please do a blog about it! ☺☺☺

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      6. I definitely will! Have a great week!

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