Which Naked Palette is Right for You? (HOT Naked Palette Deal!!)

I was going to take a break this weekend because of the holiday, but the fact that Urban Decay is having 20% off, PLUS a bunch of freebies and things was really pushing me to type up an impromptu blog post for all of you.I loved my Naked palette.

If I could only own one high-end makeup item for the rest of my life, it would be my Naked 2 palette. It is super versatile, ridiculously pigmented, and overall absolutely amazing. It’s no wonder that they have a cult following, and that the first high end makeup purchase a lot of people make is a Naked palette, myself included.

Jojo decided to take the plunge and purchase her very first Naked palette due to the sale, and she actually purchased the one I recommended! She wears cool colors, black is her favorite neutral, and when it comes to shadows she really prefers blues and silver, more cool-toned metallics. So of course, I recommended the Naked Smoky for her!

For me personally, I have an odd kind of coloring… I’m kind of neutral when it comes to my skin tone. My mom is cool toned and my dad is warm toned, so…

I personally prefer more cool-toned neutrals, and I like more taupe-y eyeshadows and neutral metallics. Not too cool where they’re silvers or greys, but not too warm where they’re too golden. So for me, the Naked 2 is my perfect palette!

Anyways, Temptalia, because she is a makeup goddess has swatched all of the Naked palettes in a comparison graphic, so I’m going to insert that below because I don’t own all of them… and because I’m typing on my phone in the NW suburbs of Chicago.

So, which Naked palette is right for you?

With the different types, finishes, shades, and tones, there is a perfect one for each and every person! I would be 100% wrong to tell you all to get the Naked 2, just because it works for me.

(Note that this is all based on my opinions and thoughts, you are definitely free to get whichever you want!)

The Naked Basics palettes- there is a cool and warm toned one, I find these to be perfect for travel and beginners. They are perfect for a truly NAKED and natural eye makeup look, and truly are beginner shadows. Unless you’re just starting off and you want some basic shadows, or buying a little travel palette you probably should pick up one of the bigger ones. I had a friend who loved her Naked Basics palette because she was low maintenance and was not a big fan of dramatic eyeshadow, so this palette was perfect for her! These are also matte, so they’re effortlessly natural.

The Naked 1 Palette- the palette that started it all. I think this is a really nice palette for a little bit warmer tones, my friends that have this palette are huge fans of the golden, bronzy kind of natural looks. 

I’m not a huge fan of this one for me personally, but I think it looks great and is super versatile from day to night! It really is the original palette, and the velvet packaging will make you nostalgic.

The Naked 2 Palette- this palette, like the other Naked Palettes (1,2,3, Smoky) is perfect for day to night. This one is really great for more cooler neutrals, but is definitely a natural palette. My favorite parts of this palette are the neutral metallics.

Honestly with the 1 and 2, you should just opt for one or the other, whichever one suits you better. I opted for 2.

The Naked 3 Palette- I think if this palette looked good on me, I would have originally picked it up in the first place. It makes everyone else look like a fairytale princess, but on me it looked a little strange… the pinky roses are absolutely beautiful and it truly is a unique palette. Seriously, if you want to look like a fairytale princess this is the one to get! I think the pinks and roses make for a soft and feminine look, but they honestly can be hard to work with.

The Naked Smoky Palette- full disclaimer, I almost picked this one up to add to my collection. I think that this is THE palette for going out. The metallics, the dark blues and plum, all of them make for an edgier and smokier kind of look than a traditional Naked palette. The neutrals that are included are beautiful, and this has the widest variety out of all of them. I would recommend these for very cool tones or for anyone wanting a palette perfect for day to night.

Bonus, The Naked Ultimate Basics Palette- I honestly think this packaging is super clunky compared to the others… I’m a little curious to ask why they didn’t make this palette shaped like the others. If you’re looking for versatile mattes and natural makeup, this one is for you. There’s a wide array of mattes and shades that can be used to make all sorts of natural eye looks!

Okay, so to get these palettes for 20% off…

Go to the Urban Decay site and use the promo code BLACKER to get 20% off!

No, I’m not sponsored for this (gah I wish Urban Decay sponsored me..), but I really think this is such an amazing deal and that the Naked palettes are a must have for every makeup collection! They are pigmented, high quality, versatile, and long-lasting eyeshadows, and absolutely amazing.

I hope this blog post helped you all out, and I hope you had a great holiday!


4 thoughts on “Which Naked Palette is Right for You? (HOT Naked Palette Deal!!)

  1. The Naked 3 is definitely what I would pick! I have the Maybelline dupe currently (as I don’t have the skill set to make a $65 palette worthwhile at this point) but when I feel like I have the ability to make use of it and not just waste it, I’m going with the 3! My weirdly pale skin is okay with the pinks haha

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    1. I think the Naked 3 is so pretty when it suits someone, and it definitely 100% would suit you! It just looks peculiar on me what with my neutral (but slightly tan) skin and super dark hair. It’s crazy to think that the same colors can look so different on the same people! It’s normally $54, but $43.20 after the promo code. And it’s one of those things that’s so easy to use that even an amateur like me (when I first purchased it) was able to crank out Instagram-worthy looks! My roommate actually just started wearing makeup a few weeks ago after I taught her how to do her makeup, actually! But I totally get it, I lusted after the Naked 2 for months before I finally bought it!


      1. It’s $65 up here in Canada 😥 So with taxes it’s almost $75, and I keep freezing up last minute. I think once I better know which actual colours suit me, I will try and grab it when I’m back in the States! (Why isn’t there a Basics palette for 3?!? 😓)

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      2. There isn’t a Basics palette for 3, but the Tartlette Tease seems to be within the color range that you’re looking for! If not, Sephora is releasing the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip palette on Monday and that is a really pretty one too!


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