Cyber Monday…


So, Sephora is doing something pretty cool for Cyber Monday–they are releasing a few spring items early, for ONE DAY ONLY so all of us can get an early access. 

One thing out of all these items that caught my eye particularly were the Smashbox Covershot Eye Palettes… they each run for $29 and come with eight eyeshadows. Not a bad deal, considering that the Naked Palettes (the pans seem comparable) are $54 for twelve eyeshadows.

I haven’t tried these yet, BUT they remind me of other higher end palettes, for a fraction of the cost! They definitely mimic current “on-trend” palettes, and they seem very versatile and travel-friendly! (I am holding on to the belief that I will only be expecting the Tom Ford lipstick after this shopping weekend. We will see…)

PS- there is a promo code, VERYMERRY for eight deluxe samples and a cute little bag if you spend over $25 at Sephora!

OKAY, on to the meat of this post.

For all the beauty deals I find, I go on Nouveau Cheap. G does a PHENOMENAL job of rounding various deals, year-round. She just works particularly hard during the holidays. The only deals I’m being tempted by (besides the Cyber Monday deals) are..



Pin here.

It is the first Monday of work/school/life after a four day weekend.

It’s gonna be rough.

Good luck.

Have a great week everyone, and I hope you had a great holiday weekend! How was your holiday?


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