The Haircut (Update)

Here is the hair–unfiltered, and done the way I usually style my hair.

Aka, no styling.

I wanted to show you all the haircut minus the fancy salon styling and lighting. I absolutely love it–my hair is ten million times easier to take care of and lighter. She did a great job with adding texture and thinning out my super thick hair! You can really see all the layering in this photograph, now that it is pin straight.

Literally all I did in this picture was wash my hair and let it air dry… this is my hair in its real state.

It’s a quasi v cut with layering and texturizing using the texturizing scissors. I absolutely love it, and I think it’s the perfect cut for my face and hair texture! Everyone says it’s a lot sassier and suits my personality more, and I agree!

I do not use any styling products, lol. Sometimes I don’t even brush my hair…

I use Aussie’s moisture shampoo and the 3 minute miracle hair mask, BUT my hairstylist told me I need to use a clarifying shampoo once a week and to stop using the mask as a conditioner because it’s too much… she even suggested that I pick up products for thin hair because it’ll be less chemicals and product build-up. So I’ll update all of you with that… and what happens.

Anyways, I just wanted to give you an update and a better picture of the haircut, especially since I’ve “styled” it on my own now!


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