Japanese Curry Rice

Curry rice is one of those comfort foods that you hold dear in your heart and bring out for rainy days. It rained frat boys and lacrosse players the other day and after a long, slow day I decided to make some curry rice for Jojo and I. Comfort food.

And a funny story about me, Jojo, and curry……..we first became friends one night when we made this Blue Apron vegetable curry that was a freaking pain in the butt to make. The squash was a jerk to peel, and it was this long grueling process just to make some vegetable curry! We became friends though, and we ended up talking all night about guys and life, as we ate this super delicious vegetable curry. And then she cried over her ex boyfriend.

The second time made vegetable curry, I cried over Max.


Literally, every time we made that cursed vegetable curry we ended up crying over something silly, and so after that we vowed that we would never make that damn vegetable curry again.

But this is not that type of curry, as this is japanese style curry rice and not an Indian style vegetable curry that’s cursed and makes you cry over silly things. This curry has a savory but sweet, spicy but umami kind of taste that is just incredibly unique. To me, it tastes like childhood and being eight years old again.

Some people add apples, but I do not. I do add cayenne.

All I did was cook my chicken in a pan with some butter, and then add the curry base (it has potatoes in it), along with some seasonings! I thought we had potatoes at the apartment…but they went bad. So, definitely next time I would cube some potatoes and toss them in!

It’s one of those super speedy, super simple meals that tastes the best damn thing after being in the cold and rain all day.

And yes, this curry totally brightened our day.

What’s your favorite comfort food? Have you had japanese curry rice?


5 thoughts on “Japanese Curry Rice

  1. Aww glad this is a happy curry :)) I like my curry spicy too so im all for adding that cayenne! Idk If my fav comfort food..i can’t choose! But i do know that good old steamed white rice is on the plate ❤


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