The Tom Ford Lipstick Arrival

My Tom Ford lipstick came in yesterday, and although I definitely am going to do a FULL OUT SUPER EXTENSIVE REVIEW (gotta make sure you all get your money’s worth right?!) I just wanted to share with you guys that it came in and that so far, I am in love.

I picked up the color Richard, which is supposed to be repromote of one of their older colors. I opted for the Lips and Boys line because well, it was less money and they are still a good substantial size! It is a medium-dark, warm kind of plum shade. I think it’s even a little terra-cotta without being too orange. It is the perfect not nude on me, and I love it!

Yesterday Lauren came over for dinner and studying and I showed her my lipstick and she was in awe. We both laughed at how I jokingly stated that it was fifty cents an application and not to be wasted!

I’m obsessed.

I will definitely post a look of the day later with this lipstick, and I’ll talk to you soon!

What’s your favorite lipstick?!


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