Yums of the Week #4

Sorry that this post (and the link round-up) has been so late this week… this week has been crazy! Blog posts are coming, I swear.

ANYWAYS, besides grape leaves and the usual, the Yums of the Week for this week are pretty diverse! I’ll link the necessary recipe posts here, if there is a corresponding one. For the ones without recipe posts, be sure to tell me if you want a recipe!

A tradition that my brother and I have when I visit my parents’ house is to make Spam Musubi, as in he kind of stands around while I make Spam Musubi. I initially tried it at Aloha Eats (of course), and I told him all about it…plus he’s seen it in anime and whatnot. We’ve definitely been through trial and error while making these, but this batch is probably our favorite! The Spam is salty yet slightly sweet (I use a secret sauce), the seaweed is crisp and crunchy, and the rice is warm and yummy! Definitely a winning combination.


Tank Noodle is my favorite Vietnamese food place! Instead of getting my usual (bun bo hue), I ordered the…


Japanese curry rice….we’ve talked about this. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods, and the spicy-savory-curry sauce with the vegetables and tender chicken over rice? Delicious. It is definitely a new favorite for Jojo, too!

OKAY, there is definitely going to be a recipe post about this. (I took the pictures, I just need to sit down and write the story and the information!)

I made traditional(ish) Vietnamese hot pot the other day for my friends, and they fell in love! I used thinly sliced beef steak, thinly sliced potatoes, broccoli, udon noodles, spinach, mushrooms… and they’re obsessed now.

I swear all of us will be eating hot pot daily until we graduate. (Probably even after!) I don’t cook Vietnamese very often (lol, in case you guys didn’t know that I’m Vietnamese, I am!), but it was definitely a great time sharing one of my favorite traditional meals with my friends…especially since they had never tried it before!

Smores bark.

Chocolate, more chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers.

You should definitely make it, because it is so incredibly easy and super delicious! My friends absolutely devoured this; Lauren actually ate half of Max’s box.

My roommate Jojo makes the best quesadillas. This one has avocado and cheese–I know that quesadillas are super simple to make (of course I can make them!), but hers just taste better to me. I don’t know why! Of course, we had to get our favorite salsa from Pete’s Fresh Market and a Corona!

Chrissey cooks vegan..

Lolo (Lauren) is a vegan and came over one night for us all to hang out and study for an exam. So, I made her this spontaneous tofu and vegetables medley over rice that she absolutely ADORED. I marinated the tofu in a garlic chili paste-hoisin marinade, added hella seasonings, and then cooked with spinach and mushrooms. She loved it, I loved it.

Ashley ate spicy noodles because she doesn’t do the vegan thing.

Speaking of Ashley, she makes the best smores. She used all of the leftover smores bark ingredients to make smores one day….and because we all killed her smores, we got ingredients to make smores the very next day.


Hot Pot 2.0, with tofu for Lauren! My friends loved hot pot so much that I made it again last night.

…and I’m making it again tonight.

What was the best thing you ate this week? Do you guys want any specific recipe posts?! Have a great weekend, the link round-up will be up soon!

UPDATE: I don’t know why the picture is double posted when only one is visible in my drafts/Wordpress edit! ARRRGH.


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