Pink Embroidery and Ankle Boots

I just wanted to post a quick outfit of the night, since I’ve been kinda slacking on the outfit posts!

Julio, Jojo and I decided to grab some happy hour yums spontaneously, and so I quickly and messily curled my hair and threw on a sheer embroidered top skinny jeans!

The ultra girly pale pink floral top is ultra chic, refined and feminine. It’s one of my favorite tops! And it pairs so wonderfully well with these skinny jeans and my edgy leather ankle boots.

My hair has become sooo easy to manage and curl ever since I got the chop!

Anyways, I have video posts and the second part of my makeup tutorial to post super soon, but I just wanted to post this quickly to tide y’all over!

What’s your favorite happy hour drink? Or food?!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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