A Little Fancy Dinner

My roommate and I decided to have a “boujie dinner” the other night, and I just wanted to share a few photos! We went to Whole Foods to pick up our regulars (Halo Top and stuffed grape leaves) and left with a little more than expected!

We had mini quiches from the Whole Foods frozen food collection. They were mushroom, four cheese, and spinach florentine. They were super cute and delicious!

We also had Brie bites, although the Brie had completely melted out of the little puff pastry shells!

My favorite thing we had was this truffle mousse chicken liver pate (soooo good!) paired with super seed crackers! The page was so flavorful and the crackers were super delicious.

We each had a fruit tart and had some prosecco as well! 

What’s your favorite “fancy food?”



5 thoughts on “A Little Fancy Dinner

  1. I was absolutely drooling over these pictures on snap. Oh my wooooordddd. You always have the best foodd

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    1. They were all sooo tasty and so easy. Whole Foods always has THE BEST things! I totally loved your cookie snaps! Are you doing a post on them? Have a great week Mack, it’s always soo great to hear from you!

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      1. Yes girl! You bet I will! Have such a good week yourself πŸ’•

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  2. How fun is this! Love fancy dinners!

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    1. They’re the best! It’s always nice to treat yourself.

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