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Lush’s Eye Right Mascara Review


I know.

I am wearing mascara as I write this.

And the crazy thing is? I love it.

But before I start talking about this mascara, let me insert the info I pulled from the Lush website.

I love this mascara with all of my heart. It is all natural, great for my sensitive eyes, and gives it a subtle bit of oomph that it needs. It doesn’t flake, it is long lasting, and whenever I wash it off my lashes feel so soft and fresh! It doesn’t smudge, and completely exceeded my expectations.

It darks my lashes, and slightly lengthens and thickens them. And it is SO lightweight… I feel like I’m not even wearing mascara!

I have never, ever, ever liked mascara. But I love this one.

It’s also extremely buildable and does not clump!

I will admit that this is a bit pricier than the typical mascara and doesn’t give a KA POW like other mascaras… but this one is lightweight, pigmented, and is all natural without irritating my eyes.

I definitely love it and think that it’s totally worth it.

I can’t believe that I like a mascara.

What’s your favorite mascara?




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