L’Oréal’s Infallible Lip Paint in Violet Twist (Review and Swatch!)

I just picked up this L’Oréal lip paint, specifically the L’Oréal Infallible Lip Paint in Violet Twist. I saw the display at Walgreens and I just couldn’t resist… especially since I figured that some of you would be curious! So I decided to do a quick little review.

There’s a pretty wide range of colors, from your conventional nudes and pinks… to taupe, navy, violet, teal…. L’Oréal has really gone out of their comfort zone with this. It’s definitely edgier than their usual products and vibe, but I think it’s cool. It reminds me of their High Intensity Pigments line that was amazing that they discontinued…

Immediately upon seeing the tube I thought of the Too Face Melted Lipsticks, and I automatically assumed that the applicator would be similar to Too Faced. Imagine my surprise when it was a curved doe foot esque shape!

I stood at the display contemplating which shade to get, and then finally with some help from Jojo and Ashley I decided on this one. I really wanted to try the teal out… but I don’t think I’m quite that fearless yet!

These babies at pigmented. They give you a nice wash of color and are definitely not matte liquid lipsticks! They are soft and feel like a more of a creamy consistency then a gloss. I think that the Too Faced dry a lot more matte than these, these lipsticks have a comfortable feel on your lips. These are a bit more slick, but I definitely feel like your lips are more movable and not frozen like when you wear matte lipsticks!

When I was trying it on Ashley said that it seemed like my lips were going to be nicely stained and I wasn’t fully sure because the wear seemed so comfortable! But then when I tried to wash off the swatch…


All in all, I definitely think they are worth trying, especially since you don’t often encounter drugstore lipsticks, especially a liquid lip, that teeters on the Jeffree Star and Lime Crime kind of color selection. I definitely think that they were inspired by Too Faced, and this is a nice dupe!

I plan on posting a look of the day tomorrow so I will post a picture of the lipstick then!

Should I pick up the teal?

What’s your most unique lipstick color? I think this one and the orchid from Urban Decay are tied for me!


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