Dark Lipstick and Childish Gambino

So last week, I finally got to 100 points at Sephora…. which meant that I got to pick a free reward.

A deluxe size reward!

I decided to spontaneously pick a lip gloss from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and opted for a dark red. A nice wine.

This lipstick came instead, and I was shocked to discover that the lip gloss was not a sheer gloss but a pigmented and opaque gloss. And that color?

Almost black lipstick. It’s a very very very dark  slightly warm plum color. Super dark.

I can easily do purples and reds… but dark lipstick? Not my forte. Ashley said it looked good, but didn’t seem like something I would wear, and Lauren…

(Yes all my friends send me things about Childish Gambino)

She said to keep it, and to try it again. And the thing with dark lipstick is that it’s ultra edgy and cool, and makes you feel like kind of a bad ass. So I decided, maybe I’ll give it another whirl.

I mean, even Olivia Palermo was spotted wearing a navy lipstick!

The more I look at that selfie, the more it grows on me… it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and I definitely don’t think it looks bad. It’s just something different!

What’s the craziest makeup item you’ve tried?


One thought on “Dark Lipstick and Childish Gambino

  1. I definitely feel that way when I wear burgundy. I love it and I feel like a badass but I also low-key feel like a witch. Then all my friends tell me it looks fab so I wear it anyway. Ha. You look fantastic, though.


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