Why It’s So Important That VS Had Models Walk With Their Natural Hair

When I was a freshman in college, I dramatically cut off my tremendously long locks to a lob–I thought I was so chic and edgy…but people kept commenting on how it was a shame that I cut my long hair and how it was so beautiful. They acted as if I had lost part of myself, and my femininity. People would comment on how my long hair looked better, partially because that’s exactly what society convinces us. That traditionally feminine, long, luscious locks were a standard of beauty. One that had been ingrained, and continually pressed upon us.

Disney princesses all had (and still do) have long hair, and we were told from a young age that boys preferred long hair. Specifically, long, silky, with light curls. A hybrid of Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad, Magical Angel Goddess, and DryBar. But your hair isn’t what defines you, and in our society there are so many different types of hair. Long, medium, short… curly, kinky, pin-straight, locks, twists, wavy… and each and every type is beautiful, and so is the corresponding woman. Regardless of whether it is believed to be a conventionally attractive thing or not.

For years and years, Victoria’s Secret unknowingly implemented this whole homogeneous standard of beauty, with their lack of diversity and uniform hair and body type. Google “Victoria’s Secret Hair” and you will find hundreds of thousands of tutorials and images of the standard.

But as they slowly have become more diverse in their model casting (ethnicity wise), they continually implemented the “Victoria’s Secret Hair,” until this year. When the extensions were gone, and the all models walked with their own hair. Last year, Maria Borges walked with her beautiful natural hair, which marked history, but this year she was not the only one. Jourdana Phillips rocked her short hair, Kendall Jenner rocked her lob, and Alanna Arrington walked with her curly and messy shorter hair.

And this is so important. It is so important, because slowly they’re showing a variety of diversity, and showing hair that is past the antiquated long, luscious, and of the Blake Lively variety. Slowly there is progress, and it is venturing away from the traditional (and outdated) standard of beauty.

Because guess what? There is no standard of beauty, because we all are beautiful on our own ways.

And yes, they have a lot to go…after all their models are all super toned and 5’10….but they’re making progress. And maybe, one day my daughter will see someone who she identifies walking that catwalk, as that was something I did not have.

I’m still waiting for an Asian Angel. Or a 5’5 one.

What did you think of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Do you watch it?


2 thoughts on “Why It’s So Important That VS Had Models Walk With Their Natural Hair

  1. This is such an important message for women to hear. I recently cut my hair short and had to deal with the same exact thing. Girls need to know that their femininity is not defined by their hair length. Awesome post!

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    1. I agree completely! It’s necessary for girls to know that you don’t have to have long flowy hair or to fit this outdated view of beauty, and that these things don’t define you! And these little strides in progress make me so happy. Thanks so much for commenting, it’s always great to hear from you!

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