Purple Lipstick


My favorite type of bold lipstick is purple.

I don’t consider red lipstick to be bold, because they’re just normal to me now.

But purple–there’s just something about purple that floors people a little. Lavenders, plums, violets…they all just have a certain factor to them. That wow factor.

I loved to wear bold lipstick when I was 18, and wore it confidently and effortlessly. Now that I’m much older, I wonder how I managed to wear wild lipsticks without much thought, and then I remembered that now I’m an adult, and that I work a professional job. So… bright orchid lipstick might not be the wisest choice for work.

But other than that? Definitely. I actually wore my violet lipstick today and texted Jojo from my desk at work asking if I looked unprofessional.

She laughed.

The first purple lipstick I ever owned was Violet by Bite Beauty. I bought it in a duo that was $14 for two lipsticks. On one end, there was a raspberry shade, and on the other there was a bright violet. I wore them both endlessly the summer after my freshman year of college. And then, at the beginning of my sophomore year of college.. I met a boy.

Named Bernie.

He told me that his first impression of me was that he was intimidated, especially because of the purple lipstick. However, once we started dating back then, my lipstick magically disappeared. 

Bernie still claims that I lost it, and I still claim that his story is ultra suspicious.

Purple lipstick to me is just so fun and punchy–it’s sassy and bold, and at the same time totally wearable yet daring. 

I think like how everyone has a perfect red, there’s a perfect purple.

If you’re scared or just starting off, a light balm or lip gloss is definitely the way to test the waters, instead of a totally opaque and punchy lipstick!

What’s your favorite bold lip color?


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