Look of the Day- Avoiding Hat Hair Edition (Rosy Cheeks and Lips!)

It is finally winter in Chicago! I have finally given in, after years of refusing to wear a hat in Chicago winter. I blame my old (lol) age for this, and the fact that Pitaya got the coziest, warmest, cutest sage green beanie. Because of this, I’ve definitely had to be a little bit more creative when it comes to my hair…if I wear it like usual, it gets a little smushed underneath my hat!

Today, I opted for an Elsa braid (literally, the best way I can describe this is that I’ve stolen Elsa from Frozen’s side braid) and paired it with a blush pink knit sweater. My pants are boring, and I’m wearing my usual knee high olive boots.

For makeup, I did my usual except I did my liner a little bit thicker, and made my blush a little bit darker than usual! I love the rosy look for winter, and paired this with a new lipstick I picked up recently (review soon!).

Also, yes… my lips are a bit dry! I get the absolute driest skin and lips during winter! Ugh. Brainstorming tips now, on how to get rid of this problem!

Is it winter where you live? What’s your favorite part of winter?


2 thoughts on “Look of the Day- Avoiding Hat Hair Edition (Rosy Cheeks and Lips!)

    1. I’ve heard that it’s magical for dry skin and patches as well! I’ll have to pick some up when I go to Target next time! Thank you so much for the suggestion!!!


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