Tom Ford Lipstick Dupe- A $2 Dupe for Richard/Negligee

I’ve found the perfect dupe for my Tom Ford lipstick. 

A shade dupe, not a formula dupe. I will go to my grave saying that Tom Ford lipsticks are the most absolutely stupendous lipsticks I have ever tried in my entire life, and that their formula and creaminess are unrivaled.

Out of these two lipsticks, can you tell which one costs $2 and which one costs $36?


The one on the left is Tom Ford’s Richard and the one on the right is Wet N Wild’s Spiked With Rum. I bought the WNW lipstick on the slight chance that it might be a slight dupe for my beloved (and favorite) lipstick by Tom Ford… and I am ABSOLUTELY FREAKING OUT because it is an EXACT SHADE DUPE.

(Side note you guys I am so excited that I’m taking pictures and blogging from my Lyft while I’m writing this post, and taking pictures… so I’m jeopardizing my five star passenger rating because I love all of you)!

Isn’t this crazy?!?

You can buy 18 Wet N Wild lipsticks for the price of the one Tom Ford!!!

And yes, they are not exact formula dupes, but the Wet N Wild one is not half bad. Especially for a huge fraction of the price?

I originally looked into a dupe because I realized that I was wearing Richard every day because it is the perfect everyday lip color for me. However, I looked at my lipstick tube and realized that it was definitely going down a lot faster than I intended… and at $36 a pop, I had to make my lipstick last!

So, my logic in buying a dupe was to save Richard for special or elevated occasions, and to wear the dupe everyday. Like when I go to the grocery store, to have friends over for hot pot… you know, everyday Chrissey scenarios.

They are different finishes, as the WNW is a matte finish and Richard is a satin finish, but the colors are identical and the price is so much cheaper! I will admit that I love the formulation of the Tom Ford a lot more, and that I find the WNW almost a little too drying.

But cmon… it’s $34 cheaper and comes with a lot more product. It might not be flashy as the Tom Ford, but it’s still an awesome lipstick.

There’s even been days when I’ve applied the Tom Ford and used the WNW for minimal touch ups (shhh…)!

Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret.

What’s your favorite makeup dupe? Is the price difference astronomical?



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