A Review of the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette


I decided to treat myself with a new eye shadow palette, as eye shadow isn’t something that I generally purchase. I’m particularly picky about eye shadow palettes because I already love and use the Naked 2 palette, and I’m one of the few people who doesn’t find it necessary to hop on every eye shadow trend that hits the streets.

However, since I just graduated, and I’ve been working tremendously hard on post-graduate job searching, AND Sephora sent me a $15 coupon…I decided to reward myself with a little something something. I ALMOST got the to go version, but it was so tremendously small, and if I was going to really treat myself, why not just get the whole palette?

I wanted colors that weren’t already in my Naked 2, and I wanted shadows that had unique and fun colors…but nothing too crazy. Nothing like the Modern Renaissance palette.

I’m going to be honest, and admit that usually I’ll make snarky comments about how Tarte’s palettes are always crusty, chalky, matte nudes, but this one genuinely surprised me with the color selection and shadow quality when I swatched it in store. I did not think I was going to walk out with a Tarte palette…but I did!

I was worried about this being a behemoth palette, but the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette is a good size! it comes with twenty shadows, and is a very decently sized palette. I love that it comes with a huge mirror and that the base is gold metal. The lid is a black matte top with gold cursivey script on top. (Ps, the matte black top WILL get your fingerprints on it).

What it is:
A pro-level, everyday eye shadow palette with 20 ultra-pigmented shades, powered by naturally-derived Amazonian clay.

What it does:
Be your own makeup artist with this high-performance PRO palette for photo-worthy looks. It’s loaded with 16 long-wearing matte eyes shades that are infused with Amazonian clay for smooth blending and flake-resistant wear—plus, four brand-new iridescent luster shades with a micro-shimmer, duo chrome finish. This palette’s deeply concentrated mineral pigments and a new smart-blend technology will leave you with even, intense color payoff in a range of natural artistry™, neutral-to-bold shades for all skintones and skill levels.

via Sephora

It has twenty shades, and is a decent mix of matte and metallic/shimmer shadows. I do wish there were more satin shadows for easier transition, but it’s okay. I love these matte shadows (well…most of them, but we’ll get to that!) because they aren’t chalky and are nice and buttery.

ANYWAYS, before I show swatches and review the individual shades, I must disclose that I am not a total expert. I’m just a girl that loves makeup! I also DID NOT edit any of these pictures…not even for lighting!

I also didn’t use primer for any of these swatches.


The first two rows, swatched

(Classic, Innocent, Whimsy, Smoked, Ethereal, Vintage, Fierce, No Filter, Vamp, Glam)


The second two rows, swatched

(Chic, Profesh, Mod, Drama, Minx, Indie, Bold, Edgy, Punk, Trendy)

One thing I must admit before I show up-close swatches and go into depth, is that I think Tarte’s naming is so… meh. I think they could stand to be a lot more creative, and that their names are a little bland.

The First Row:


The first row is your standard warm nudes. All the rows have colors that have been arranged to be complementary. The first four shades are matte, and the last is a metallic with shimmer.

Classic is your standard off-white cream. I do not anticipate that I will ever use this color, to be honest. It goes on streaky, and the color is not opaque, and it is definitely a sheer and light wash of color.

Innocent is your light pinky warm brown nude shade, it reminds me of chai tea lattes. The color is opaque, and the shadow is pigmented.

Lol guys, I’m so sorry that I’m a little bit terrible at this.

Whimsy is a terracotta brown kind of color. It is very warm, and reminds me of a wearable version of all the tacky peach and orange eye shadows that everyone has been obsessing over. This eye shadow is pigmented and buttery.

Smoked is a dark black-brown. It appears chocolate brown in the pan, but it is definitely dark. This is streaky, and almost too dry for my taste.

Ethereal is a beautiful copper metallic shadow. It is pigmented, and glides on effortlessly and smoothly. It was by far my favorite of the row.

After going through the first row, and then the next, I realized that my sentiments were the same for the rest of the rows.

For the following rows, I felt the same way about the formulation. The first shadow was such a sheer wash of color, and the darkest color was patchy, dry, and streaky. I did not find the dark shadows to be terrible when it came to actual application, as they performed alright as crease colors. But then again, I do not do cut creases or dramatic creases, I just use a little bit in the crease for definition. They would be a little hard to work for as full lid colors, but as crease colors they’re good.

For the middle two shades of all rows, they were the best mattes. They were creamy, easy to apply, pigmented, and opaque. They applied wonderfully and were not chalky. They definitely transformed my opinion of Tarte’s matte shadows.

By far the best of the palettes were the metallic shades, as they applied easily and blended out wonderfully. They were pigmented, and the quality was absolutely amazing. I am a huge fan of these palettes, and maybe instead of coming out with chalky mattes, Tarte should try experimenting with palettes of metallic shadows like these…they’re absolutely amazing. They’re soooo easy to blend and so pigmented. Ugh. Love.

Because my sentiments were the same as the first row, I’ll just put in swatches and won’t go into too much detail about the formulation, since I did above.


Vintage, Fierce, No Filter, Vamp, Glam

These all had a slight purple and mauve undertone. I thought that these were very pretty, and the mauve-y taupes and browns were definitely unique. A big part of me picking up this palette was to get shades that I don’t have already, which this palette definitely accomplished.


Chic, Profesh, Mod, Drama, Minx

These shades reminded me of the popular reds, oranges, and peaches that have been on trend. However, these were much more wearable and a little bit more natural. These are definitely colors that I don’t have already.


Indie, Bold, Edgy, Punk, Trendy

These were your warm nudes. My favorite in this row was definitely the last one…it is a beautiful duochrome gunmetal green and brick red. It reminds me of Urban Decay’s Lounge, which is a long term favorite of mine.

All in all, I think that this is a great palette for mixing up your makeup routine. It comes with a very nice mix of on-trend colors, but also wearable everyday neutrals. The matte shades, for the most part are pigmented and buttery, but the darkest mattes are slightly streaky and chalky.

The real winner in these palettes are the metallic and shimmer shades, which absolutely blew me away. Oh my goodness.

I will admit that if I had not gotten the $15 coupon, I might have not picked this palette up. For $38 this was a really good value…but for $53? WHOA. That’s a pretty steep price, considering a few shadows are flawed.

Regardless, I still find myself loving and enjoying this palette, as the dark mattes (the #4 colors in the rows) being a little streaky isn’t a huge deal for me–it just means they require a tad more blending. The streakieness actually isn’t even truly a problem, since I don’t do cut creases or any looks that require opaque dark colors.

What was the most recent thing you treated yourself with? Doesn’t have to be makeup…food counts too!


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