Ten Weird Things About Chrissey


One of my favorite bloggers, Jenny, did a sweet but simple post listing out ten weird quirks about her. So, seeing as it was such a fun way to learn some interesting things about her…I decided to do it too!

  1. I’m actually lactose intolerant. Really lactose intolerant…but I cheat anyways. I just can’t help it! I hate milk, and I’m not a huge yogurt person, but there’s something about cheese that I cannot resist. I actually was vegan for about two to three months my sophomore year of college, and one time Bernie came back to see me sitting on his bed scrolling through pictures of cheese on Google Images, with Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are playing in the background. The weird thing is, I’m not like craaaazzzy about these where super cheesy foods are my favorites, but I like a small amount of really good cheese (like Whole Foods cheese!)…or cheese fries!
  2. I have to secure my hair with the same hair clip every morning when I do my makeup. It’s such a small thing, but it is so crucial to my makeup routine, and I do not know why. It has to be that exact hair clip, and I cannot do my makeup if I don’t have it! Even when I do my makeup on the bus or in a Lyft or Uber!
  3. I don’t eat carbs, except for small amounts of rice or pasta in moderation. I rarely eat bread, and sometimes I wonder how I’ve gotten to this point in my life because bread is freaking delicious, but I just don’t eat bread! I don’t even like sandwiches that much. But when I’m stressed, I crave the hell out of bread. Not whole wheat bread even (since I’m healthyish), but a baguette! To the point where I could eat an entire loaf with butter slathered all over it.
  4. After wearing my socks, or putting out clean socks for the next day, I always put them in the same pair of shoes. Even when I’m not going to wear those shoes! I always put my socks in my hunter green suede booties. And I always put the left on my left foot, and the right on my right foot. Always.
  5. I’m weird about leftovers. I save even the smallest amount, even the tiniest amount! My fridge is stacked full of leftovers.
  6. I hang my matching scarf with the corresponding jacket in the hallway closet. So the scarf I use for fall is hanging with my fall jacket, and my winter scarf is hanging with my winter coat.
  7. I am terrified of rats and mice. Even seeing them scurry across the street or in the distance, terrifies me. My friend Julio used to have rats run across the courtyard of his residence hall and even if I was like twenty feet away, I would still scream a little. When I was a little girl, a small mouse got into my bed ONCE, and crawled at the foot of my bed. It did not touch me, but I SCREAMED and refused to sleep in my bed for months afterwards.
  8. I love Taco Bell. Everyone laughs because they consider it to be super gross and unhealthy, and the girl who doesn’t eat carbs and eats (pretty) healthy absolutely adoresssss Taco Bell. I’ve loved it ever since I was a little girl and my dad would pick me up from school, and I would always get two plain spicy shredded chicken crunchy tacos, and fiesta potatoes. My adult version of my little Chrissey meal is two shredded chicken mini quesadillas and a spicy tostada.
  9. Sometimes I have internal monologues. Like in The Mindy Project. I’ll just be walking down the aisles of Target, and I’ll be like contemplating life or talking about nonsense, just like Mindy Lahiri on the show!
  10. I love pugs, and they are the best dogs….I’m absolutely obsessed. I want a pug, and I’m one hundred percent going to have one someday. They are the absolute cutest and like little furry grandpas!

What are ten weird things about you?


7 thoughts on “Ten Weird Things About Chrissey

  1. That story about you playing, “Just the way you are” and looking at cheese made me laugh out loud. Hahaha. I do the SAME thing with leftovers. I think it drives DJ crazy. When we moved across the country I couldn’t have everything go bad in our fridge so I took our cooler and filled it with ice and every day would replenish the ice from the gas station. He thought I was a bit OCD about that one. But I just hate to waste! (Plus restaurants are expensive, so you have to get your money’s worth!). TACO BELL! Yessss. When DJ and I first started dating in high school we lived and breathed the Bell. Loved the rest too. I loved when Jenny did her post, so I’m glad you did one too ❤ xo

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    1. A few things.
      Being vegan wasn’t terribly hard for me when I did it, except for the cheese. I had missed cheese SOOOOOO much and none of the replacements could fill the hole in my heart! I think the first thing I did when I went back to normal food was have a whole pizza, and of course I got sick!

      And as for leftovers, I really hate to waste too! I’ll save even the tiniest bit, and I’m notorious for eating a meal made of tiny parts of various leftovers! And honestly, since I’m applying to a bunch of jobs across the country and a potential move is in my horizon, I can see myself doing the same thing!

      And of course, you definitely should consider doing the post!!! It is SO fun. It’s always so great to heat from you! I’ve been behind on my blog reading because of all the busy bee things, but I’m gonna get right on it! Have a great weekend, both you and DJ!

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      1. YES- I so feel you on that. I was vegan for a bit too, and the thing I absolutely missed the most was just the real hardcore cheese. I do enjoy daiya from time to time, but when I’m sitting down with a glass of wine and appetizers, I am stealing my cheese cubes! I absolutely love that about making meals out of your leftovers. I’m not with DJ right now, but I’m gonna have to share that with him. He picks on me for doing the exact same thing. Toooo funny. Hope you had a wonderful weekend dear!!! ❤

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      2. I agree completely! I definitely missed cheese from Whole Foods and Mariano’s, you know the little treats and cheese cubes that are samples (that you cannot resist and end up buying a block of!). I think some of my best meals have been random leftover meals–that’s how I found out that hummus and french fries taste SO good together. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the creamy-crispy-crunchy mix? Maybe. Have a great week, it’s always great hearing from you! I love your Snapchats, too!

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