Look of the Day- Blue Lipstick Edition (And Review Plus Tips!)


Forewarning: this blog post has all the unabridged sass.

So, the last time I blogged about the blue lipstick (and the first time I wore it!), I used a teeny tiny bit. After all, I was so intimidated and nervous to wear something so….bold? Daring? Fearless?

I think the amount of blue lipstick I wore that day correlated with how un-fearless I was feeling about my post graduate life. But now, I’ve been wearing the full blue (not a sheer layer, but full opacity). Probably because after losing a little bit of faith and stressing out, I now feel even more motivated and determined. I know that things are going to work out. and that even though the real world is scary, I’m incredibly brave and not afraid.

I picked up the L’Oréal Infallible Lip Paint in Domineering Teal, after thinking about it nonstop. I picked up the violet one beforehand, and absolutely love the formula. They’re pigmented, opaque, and go on smooooth.

I paired this with a light gold eye shadow look, of course using the Tarteist Pro palette. I blended Profesh into my crease, and then put Glam all over my lid. I darkened the crease with Drama. The eyeliner that I’ve been using (and loving) recently is the Tartiest Clay Paint Liner. It is so pigmented and goes on matte black. I absolutely LOVE it.

This eye shadow look (which I will definitely do an in-depth tutorial on!) is my current go-to, much like the Booty Call/Chopper/YDK look was from my Naked 2 palette.


I’ve realized that with bold lipstick (especially blues!), that pairing a simpler eye makeup look and outfit is necessary to balance things out. I just wore a chic, but simple cream chiffon top, and my favorite comfy cardigan! My hair was second-day curls (tutorial coming soon).

I think when it comes to bold lipstick, a lot of people get nervous and they say that they’re too afraid to try things out… I think taking the initial plunge is always the scariest part! I always go to Sephora and swatch lipsticks, and sometimes when I swatch the craziest colors it gives me inspiration or ideas!

It’s always easier to start with a sheer wash of color, and then to slowly build up as you get more comfortable, as well! That’s what I love about this lip paint–it is so build-able, and the pigmentation is insane! (PS- they have more natural lip colors, so they’re not all crazy sassy!)


Unexpectedly, this has become one of my favorite lipsticks! It isn’t something I would ever wear to work, but I’ve worn it out and about since purchasing! To Target, to dinner with some friends…. all around Chicago, basically!

Bernie is adamantly against the blue lipstick, as he thinks it looks a little weird, but everyone else thinks it’s bad ass.

And the reason I’m telling you all of this, is because in wearing bold lipsticks, people love giving their unsolicited commentary.

People will ask you if your lipstick is blue, although your lipstick is very obviously visibly blue to anyone who can see the visible color spectrum. People will glare at you, as if you emerged from the technicolor dreams of Satan himself. Men will be repelled, and glare at you intensely, wondering why you decided to compromise yourself and drift from the conventional view of beauty (where Kate Upton reigns supreme), and mark yourself with bloody blue lipstick.

And when this happens, you just walk on by and don’t give a damn. Because you look awesome in your bold ass lipstick. I don’t know why people continually think I want their rude unsolicited commentary on my blue lipstick. But it happens.

This lady even asked me, “How do you expect to be a scientist when you wear blue lipstick?” in a Lyft yesterday.

Lady you don’t even know me.

Okay, this mini rant was not intended. This blue lipstick post is just slowly metastasizing, isn’t it?

What do you guys think about bold lipstick? Would you ever tell a stranger mean unsolicited comments about their lipstick?


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