Chrissey Burns Out

It has happened.

After all the warnings from everyone to be sure to not stress out, I have stressed out and burned myself out. And I have gotten sick, because that’s typically what happens when your immune system has been compromised… and you live in the frozen tundra of Chicago where everyone has gotten sick!

I even ordered a quart of Koko’s famous avgolemono (lemon chicken rice soup) and have been slowly consuming it all as I watch Friends and spontaneously fall asleep. Okay… and I ordered some fries too. Can you blame a girl?

It makes me recall fonder times when I didn’t look like rotten death!

Anyways, here’s a friendly reminder to all of you to stay safe, warm, and to stress less! Or else you’ll be sick in bed.

Maybe I should trek to get some whiskey for a hot toddy.

I will be blogging tonight and catching up on some blog posts and some much needed rest!

What’s your go-to when you’re sick?


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