Wedding Bells!! (Wedding Outfit, Hair, Makeup, and Recap!)

Okay, you guys.

I am about to take you on a roller coaster.

A roller coaster that is the wedding day of one of my best friends, Stephon and Manny. I’ve already talked about their engagement and all of the sentimental mushy gushy stuff here.

NOTE, this is going to be an extremely long post with tons of pictures and sass.

I’m laying in bed right now, totally sick as a dog. I’m wondering now how I managed to pull myself together to go to the wedding–I think the excitement carried me throughout the whole day.

Ashley and I were planning on meeting at Stephon and Manny’s place at 9 am…. I woke up late at 8:00 so I HURRIED to do my hair quickly. Luckily for me, Ashley said we were going to leave at 9:30 instead…. because she overslept too!

I bought this gorgeous floral print dress from H&M, and because Manny told all of us to incorporate purple into outfits I paired it with a purple cardigan!


I paired my dark green heeled suede booties with this outfit, because although it was a wedding day, it was also freezing cold in Chicago! Plus they gave me a little height boost (I’m only 5’5!)


I curled my hair, and pinned up the curls with bobby pins so that the curls would cool and set! This is one of my favorite tricks for making your curls last! And you’ll see in the pictures–my curls lasted past the reception!


For makeup, I used the Tarteist Pro palette and wore my Tom Ford lipstick in Richard. I opted for a light and subtle golden eyeshadow look (I envisioned bridal makeup, although I was not the bride!)

Also isn’t the print on this dress GORGEOUS? I die.


Another shot of my heeled ankle booties! I think the fifty shades of green work well together.


I met up with Ashley in the lobby of our building and we ended up throwing things into my purse. I opted for a cream quilted chain crossbody and added a cute little mint green puff! Ashley’s purse was smaller so I held a few things for her. She ended up being a little bit late to meet because her shoe broke… and she had to hot glue it together!


The memory box that I made for Stephon and Manny!

The uber ride to their apartment was absolutely crazy… and also really awkward. We decided to pool, because it’s a million times cheaper, and somehow landed in the awkward end of a romantic comedy that was heavier on the comedy. This one girl had called the uber for her one night stand after kicking him out. And of course, the uber he had to get into was ours….

What a fun way to start the day of a wedding.

We got to Stephon and Manny’s place, after they had gotten back from the gym. From the gym. They went to the gym on their wedding day!

Stephon was even doing grad school applications that morning….of his wedding day!

So, because they were getting ready, that left plenty of time for me to sit around, play with their cat…and take selfies!

I’m always the first one ready out of my friend group. Ashley scrambled to find super glue to fix her shoe, and Manny scurried to find all the parts of their suits.


I ended up pinning an upper layer to the side (I took a picture later to show you how I did it!). Blair Waldorf vibes, right?


The dress and the cardigan paired together perfectly! Manny funnily enough decided to compare all of our outfits to google to see what shade of purple we had…he said that my cardigan was lilac.


If you look closely at the curl, I positioned it and pinned against my hair! I just think it looks a little bit prettier than just pulling it straight flat.


A picture of the whole look… Blair Waldorf vibes or what?

After they finally all got ready we crammed into the backseat of the BMW, and hurried to go pick up the wedding cake and cupcakes. Beforehand though, we hit the drive through at Burger King (I got cheesy tots!)

Our first stop was Magnolia Bakery, and it made me super sentimental because it was the last time Steph and I were going to go before he was married. I know it’s silly and a little funny but it was a big deal–he was getting married!!!


It was freezing cold out! I wonder how Blair Waldorf lives and dresses like she does during winter. Is she not cold? How is she not cold? I was definitely cold as hell!


Stephon is definitely made to be a blogger boyfriend, because he totally stopped me to take a picture of my shoes!

We headed off to the courthouse, which had a huge sign that told all of us that we weren’t allowed to bring in our phones. And after going through clearance and security and going all the way upstairs, we met up with the other guests….who had their phones.

So, this led to a secret mission of me heading back to the car, grabbing all five of our phones, and cramming them into my purse. Then–going through security, with all five phones, and hurrying back before the wedding started.


Luckily, I made it back and we had plenty of time to take pictures outside of the courtroom we were in!



The ceremony was short but sweet, and was the sweetest! I filmed the entire wedding ceremony, and could not help but tear up.

After that we headed to Maggiano’s for dinner, and after being up all morning I was definitely hungry!


Their moscato mojito is absolutely to die for!!! It was sweet, minty, and absolutely refreshing. I loved it.


When you’re single at your best friend’s wedding…. just kidding! Kinda.

I had two of these super delicious mojitos, and probably more carbs than I’ve had in months! Lots of bread and lots of delicious pasta.


It’s definitely a special moment when two people who absolutely belong together are united as one–and if there is any couple that should be married, it’s these two! I’m so glad that they invited me to their wedding, and that I could be part of their special day! This is an extra special wedding, because this is my first wedding I’m going to that is my friends’!

The joke about going to a bunch of your friends’ weddings after graduating college…definitely not a lie!

What’s your favorite wedding song? Or favorite wedding tradition?

I’m so glad I could be there for Manny and Stephon’s special day!



2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells!! (Wedding Outfit, Hair, Makeup, and Recap!)

    1. Thank you so much Morgan! I use a 3/4 inch clamp iron. I don’t like using the rods that you have to hold your hair whilst wearing a glove… I like to have a free hand to check my phone and whatnot. So clamp irons are my favorite! The one I have is by Revlon.


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