Matte Eyes & Rosy Lipstick

Excuse the messy hair–it’s the day after the wedding hair, and I’ve been sick in bed all day! I kind of pulled myself together because Ashley, Lolo and I were planning on hot potting tonight. Also, whoa my hair has gotten long.

When it comes to my favorite palette, I have definitely been getting use out of it. Except, well…I haven’t done a completely matte eye shadow look. And that’s kinda sorta, exactly what Tarte is known for. Silky, pigmented, easy to blend mattes.

So, after owning this palette for over a week, I finally took the plunge and decided to do my first all-matte eye shadow look. In a long, long time.

I blended a light layer of Chic all over my lid, which is a very light blush-brown all over my lid. I then blended No Filter, which is a faded, orchid kind of brown into my crease. I then applied Classic on my lid, which is a light cream. I then blended Fierce, a purple-charcoal into my crease to fade things out.

I used my Tarteist Clay liner (sooo pigmented, so amazing), of course. And for lips, I used my Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita, which is a nice dusty rose. Kat Von D makes the BEST liquid lipsticks in my opinion, and pretty much the only liquid lipstick formula that I like! Absolutely amazing.

My hair is very boring–I just pulled it into a half up. I paired my crochet top (which Beny always takes credit for gifting for me) with a dark hunter green cardigan (my current fave from H&M), and my fleece lined charcoal leggings.

Because I am sick and in no mood to wear real pants.

I’m definitely appreciate matte eye shadows more since I’ve gotten the Tarteist Pro. The palette has really allowed me to experiment with more eye looks and to really test my creativity!

Plus everyone always says that my makeup looks on point, lol.

Do you like matte eyeshadows? What’s your favorite eye shadow finish?



8 thoughts on “Matte Eyes & Rosy Lipstick

    1. Matte shadows are so hard to wear and blend… even with a good primer they can look faded or muddy! And maybe that means I should try to do a tutorial? Lol. I love H&M cardigans too–they’re the comfiest! And thanks for the comment on the hair, it definitely was a bird’s nest that day so I was trying to improvise a little!


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