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My Favorite Rosy Nude Lipsticks

(Left to right- Spiked With Rum, Glace, Lolita, Richard)

I love lipstick, and although I can appreciate a good blue, red, or violet… sometimes I opt for a more natural lip color.

I like the Rose/plum (I don’t know why this shade is called plum but people say warm plum…idk)/spiced kind of shade. I learned that nude nudes look absolutely horrendous on me, so I opt for a rose or warm plum.

My absolute favorite is the Tom Ford, but I also love these other lipsticks!

My favorite four are:

Wet N Wild’s Spiked With Rum

Bite Beauty Glacé

Kat Von D Lolita

Tom Ford Richard

These are pretty much the only “natural” lipsticks that I own, and yes, I have laughed at how all of these shades are so similar!

I’ve learned very, very early on that typical nude lipsticks do not do me any favors… which is why I don’t have any! 

What is your favorite natural lipstick shade?





  1. Love!! I’m with you about the nude nudes — they do me no favors!! My fave shade of lipstick to wear is fuchsia. I’ve never tried a bold red, but I hear so many girls say they love Mac Ruby Woo.

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    • Thank you!! I love Rosy nudes for natural lips, but I love a nice red or purple as well! I’ve also been wearing my blue lipstick quite a lot… and I have ruby woo! It’s a nice shade but the formula and everything is a tad overrated. I found the MAC lipsticks a little underwhelming. I love the Colourpop reds though!

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      • I think the packaging is super appealing but the lipsticks have always been “meh” for me! They’re all easily dupable. I do think the Tom Ford lipsticks are amazing though, and absolutely superb.

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