The Craziest Thing in My Closet

So I have this vintage sweater.

I pulled it out today and paired it with my high waisted distressed Levis. It’s a multicolor crochet and beaded cropped sweater–my mother actually gave me this sweater a little while ago. It used to be hers in the 90’s, but then she gave it to me!

I didn’t really appreciate it until I got older. Instead of avoiding colorful or unique pieces, now that I’m older I know how to style them to suit my own personal tastes and style. I paired this with no makeup (gasp!) and a crazy twisty braided braid.

I actually ended up taking the train out to the suburbs to visit my parents today, and just wanted to share a quick outfit post and to wish you all a happy holiday! I might be a little bit missing in action over the next few days, so I hope you have a wonderful holiday. And your loved ones too!

What is the most unique piece in your closet?



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