(Little) New Year’s Resolutions



  1. Stop laying in your bed and freaking out about things at 2 am.
  2. Stress less. Seriously.
  3. Try meditation.


  1. Try to be more natural–in what you eat and what you apply on your face.
  2. Do yoga.
  3. Be less lazy with your hair. Brush it.


  1. Find a job you love.
  2. Start working on a career you love.
  3. Network more.


  1. Be a little bit less of a Robin Scherbatsky.
  2. Date less inappropriate guys.
  3. Keep being that girl that waits no for one.


  1. Live in the now, worry less about the future or the past.
  2. Try more new recipes, and foods.
  3. Get more experiences–try to truly live for those unforgettable moments.

What are your little resolutions?




2 thoughts on “(Little) New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Stress less is one of them for sure

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It always seems to be one every year for me!


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