My All Time Favorite Products of 2016!

If there is one thing that I have done this year, it is up my makeup game. In only one year, my makeup looks ten million times better and I use a hell of a lot less products!

I think a big part of it is that I’m understanding myself a lot more, and now understand exactly what I want from the products I use! I used to get a lot of products just because they were good, but not necessarily because they were good for me!

And I used to look very dusty, powdery, etc..

(Dec 2015, and Dec 2016–respectively).

And I taught myself how to really accentuate what I wanted to get the natural with a bit of glam look I wanted! And I taught myself how to do my eyebrows!

I’ve tried quite a products, and I’m very happy with my makeup bag right now. I’ve tried some good products and some bad, and so… today I decided to showcase the good!

Tarteist Pro Palette

At first I was skeptical about trying a palette from Tarte, but I am absolutely in love with this palette. The mattes are pigmented, but not chalky or dusty. The shimmery metallic shades are absolutely gorgeous and super pigmented and unique. The eyeshadows are all easy to blend and go on wonderfully. There’s a wide range of natural mattes, mixed with unique purple based shades, terracotta ones as well. It’s a beautiful natural palette with unique colors that is perfect for day and night. And the packaging–gorgeous.

Colourpop x Hello Kitty Highlighter

This beautiful iridescent highlighter is my favorite “budget” highlighter. It is buildable, pigmented, and goes on beautifully. It is a gorgeous light gold highlighter that looks gorgeous on its own or on top of a cream highlight (that’s how I use it!). I love how pigmented it is, and how creamy and blendable this highlighter is. The texture is a creamy powder-type, that isn’t super hard or firm! It’s a bit pillowy.

Lush Cosmetics Eyes Right Mascara

I used to absolutely hate mascara. I haven’t worn it in practically years, until I discovered this amazing mascara. It is my favorite mascara of all time, and is this beautifully natural mascara. You can build up the layers, and it goes on smoothly and does not clump. It is smudgeproof and has withstood Chicago rain, sleet, and snow! It is also an all natural product and is the only mascara I have worn that does not irritate my eyes or give me styes.

Lush Cosmetic’s Colour Supplement in Light Yellow

I’ve been trying to use more all natural cosmetics (at least for skincare and face!), and so after being very impressed with my Lush mascara, I decided to try out this color supplement. You only need a small amount to go on your skin and provides a light, beautiful, natural look. It goes on creamy and blends out beautifully–and it’s not heavy or cakey! Whenever I wear it, I can’t even feel it and it really feels like my skin is able to breathe. Its the perfect tinted moisturizer!

Lush Cosmetic’s Emotional Brilliance Powder

When I went to pick up the color supplement, the sales associate recommended this translucent face powder to me. I am not a huge fan of face powders because of the fact that they are always really chalky, dusty, and leave a weird white cast! However, this one looks tremendously natural, it blends out beautifully, and is not dusty or chalky. It’s truly translucent! It also sets my face makeup wonderfully and my face does NOT get oily for the rest of the day… and I have oily skin! Also–a teeny bit is all you need!

Tarteist Clay Paint Liner

This eyeliner is my all time favorite! I like how sanitary it is (there’s a little stage so you don’t dip the liner back in the same product over and over again. This makes it so there’s no bacteria transferred!), and the lovely little brush that goes with it! It is a matte black eyeliner that does not smudge and truly stays all day! It dries and is basically bulletproof, and has a smooth and layerable formula.

Kat Von D Lolita

This is the only matte liquid lipstick that I use, because of the fact that it is the only one that doesn’t dry out my lips! It goes on effortlessly, and is very long wearing! This shade is my perfect “nude” lip, and is so flattering! The formula is absolutely amazing, and it is the best matte liquid lipstick. It doesn’t dry hard or make my lips feel weird, my lips still feel “movable” and not like they’re covered in gunk.

L’Oréal Infallible Lip Paints

These are a glossy liquid lipstick hybrid, and they are absolutely amazing. They go on opaque, and are very pigmented. My favorite shades are the violet one and the blue one, because they are such unique shades! Typically drugstore brands, especially L’Oréal, don’t come out with shades that are this bold and unique, which is what gravitated me towards these in the first place! They aren’t drying, and have a huge shade variety!

NYX Micro Brow Pencil

This brow pencil was a total game changer. The small, precise tip makes it so easy to draw fine little strokes and hairs, making the brows look natural. You can really build up your brows with this product, and it is very long lasting and pigmented. It’s a perfect dupe for a more expensive brow pencil, and really is a crucial part of my brow routine! This is my favorite eyebrow pencil for natural eyebrows!

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

This bronzer definitely fits its name, it is buttery and an absolutely spectacular formula. It provides the perfect amount of warmth and depth for a light, natural contour to the face. The bronzer is soft and feels exactly like a high end bronzer, but with the drugstore price! It has natural ingredients in it, and smells absolutely heavenly. It isn’t patchy or streaky and really provides the perfect subtle glow!

Tom Ford Lipstick in Richard

This is the best lipstick I have ever used in my entire life. I don’t really like reccomending it, because it is so darn expensive, but it truly is amazing. It goes on beautifully, and makes my lips look the best they ever have! It’s smooth, but stays put upon setting a bit; the formula is very long lasting.

Honorable mentions:

Neutrogena ® Skin Clearing Complexion Perfector– an  amazing tinted moisturizer, I just typically use the LUSH because I’m trying to use more all natural face products. But this is absolutely amazing!

Mongokiss Lip Balm– it is a giant lip balm, and my all time favorite! Moisturizing, all natural, and not greasy or slippery!

Hello Kitty Colourpop Lipsticks– they’re all spectacular and are super pigmented and creamy!

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara– it makes my brows bulletproof!

Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray– my favorite hairspray to make my hair last all day!

Lush Magical Moringa moisturizer/primer– I’ve only been using this for a little while, but it is absolutely AMAZING, and an amazing primer and moisturizer!

Alright, I hope you guys had a wonderful year–here’s to a new year of change, prosperity, growth and happiness!

What were your favorite products this year?



10 thoughts on “My All Time Favorite Products of 2016!

  1. This was an awesome roundup, Chrissey! You look gorgeous in both photos, but I agree the makeup in the second one is even better!

    Since you know a lot more about makeup than I do, which brands would you recommend for pink undertones? I often find a lot of brands give me an unnatural orange look, whereas my complexion is quite “cool” with pink undertones.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s okay!! Hmm, I think you should try the L’oreal True Match! Either the liquid, or the cushion. I’ve used both before and find that they are medium coverage, but super buildable! They both have a nice wide range of shades, and you should be able to find a nice cool shade that suits what you’re looking for! I’m neutral (the lighting where I take pictures is usually a little yellow for my taste, but that’s a blogging problem lol) so I find it hard to find drugstore products that aren’t too yellow or orange… so I’ve typically gone to L’oreal for drugstore foundations or Neutrogena because their range is pretty wide, undertone-wise! L’oreal labels their foundations with a W, C, or N….so that makes it pretty easy.

        Liked by 1 person

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