My Current Routine (Natural, Simple Glam)

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

Hey guys! I haven’t posted a tutorial recently, and after struggling with video tutorials, I decided to experiment a little with photographic tutorials. In a casual, easy, Snapchat-y kind of format! Be sure to tell me what you think, because these tutorials are a lot less word-y and a little bit easier to format!

A lot of you have been asking me what new products are in my usual routine, and also what makeup I wore in my Instagram selfies for New Year’s Eve…so I decided to do a quick little tutorial for all of you!

It’s definitely an easy, simple glam look that is perfect for day or night! It’s a casual kinda smoky eye that I’ve been wearing a lot recently, especially with Lolita, which is a rosy soft matte lip! If you’ve been wondering what makeup I’ve been wearing in any social media pictures…it’s probably this look!

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

Alright, enough selfies.

Let’s get started!photo-jan-02-3-50-07-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-13-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-17-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-21-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-26-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-29-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-32-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-36-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-39-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-43-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-48-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-52-pmphoto-jan-02-3-50-57-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-01-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-04-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-07-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-11-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-14-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-18-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-22-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-26-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-30-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-33-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-37-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-41-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-44-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-48-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-51-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-55-pmphoto-jan-02-3-51-58-pmphoto-jan-02-3-52-02-pmphoto-jan-02-3-52-06-pmphoto-jan-02-3-52-11-pmphoto-jan-02-3-52-14-pmphoto-jan-02-3-52-18-pm

Okay, and because Snapchat cameras are the absolute worst…I took a few more pictures to show you all the finished look!

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

Can we take a brief moment to acknowledge the photo quality change? Oy, Snapchat.

Maybe next I’ll just use my own photos and add my own text underneath or edit them, so we don’t have to sacrifice quality! I definitely plan on posting more tutorials in the future, so I’ll be sure to test things out!

But anyways, that is it! The makeup look that I’ve been wearing recently, and my current favorite eye shadow combo! Strangers always ask me what I use or how I do my makeup…and this is it! I only change my eye shadow and lip for other occasions, but everything else stays the same. So, for those of you wondering how I get my subtle glow or do my eye brows…this is it!

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