Tips To Survive A Messy Break-up

My junior year of college, I went through the messiest break up of my life. I wish I had known all of the things I knew now, and I wish I had all of the amazing friends in my life that I do now. But that’s okay–because sometimes you have to go through things to truly learn and grow from a difficult situation.

I’ve given advice tons of times since going through that experience, and although my viewpoints on relationships may not be exactly what you believe (I’m all about being a strong, independent woman and not tolerating any BS!), I do have a few tips that I believe to be pretty helpful through a rough transition!

Surviving A Breakup (1).png

And one last thing–the universe never hands us anything we cannot handle. Things happen for a reason, whether we understand them or not. And even if things are a little bit rough and you’re completely confused, it’s okay. Because there are people out there who believe that you are strong, extraordinary, and absolutely amazing (PS–they aren’t your ex!).

What’s your biggest break-up tip?



3 thoughts on “Tips To Survive A Messy Break-up

  1. Think about all the great things you don’t have to deal with anymore. My ex had some issues in the…pleasing department (if you get what I’m saying đŸ˜‰ ). They were never dealbreakers because I loved him, but they were things that I wished could have been different. The first couple days after we broke up when things were extra fresh and days were super hard to get through I would think about (not focus on, but still) all the things I wouldn’t have to deal with again, like a gift card for Valentine’s Day. I realize that’s super shallow but you know, whatever. đŸ™‚

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    1. I think that definitely is a way to deal with things, and the first step for a lot of people! You never realize how things truly are in relationships until you take off the rose tinted glasses and look at things from an unbiased perspective. Not all that glitters is gold! And a lot of times, these experiences are meant to strengthen us and for us to grow! I’m glad you got through it, and have moved forward!

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