The way I was raised, was never to judge another individual based on their choices or decisions. And I want to make this very clear before delving into this subject, which is deemed a controversial one. Many people have their own clear, distinct thoughts on this matter, and this is mine. This post isn’t written from a place of hatred, criticism, or disgust (okay, I have to be honest, I think this is a little bit gross), but more so concern.

When I first heard about dumpster diving for makeup, I will admit that I was completely shocked and mortified. I was so surprised that I decided to post today’s post, tomorrow, and to present you all with this.

Essentially, what goes on is that there are individuals out there who filter through the garbage in dumpster of Sephora, Ulta, or any other makeup store, essentially. They then will use these products–some people even share their hauls on the internet! And upon hearing about this phenomenon, I will admit that I was grossed out.

It has been proven time and time again that testers in makeup stores are highly contaminated. Imagine how many people go through a Sephora each day and try to put an eyeliner on their eyes, or a lipstick on their lips. It’s a haven for disease, bacteria, and infection. And yes, you can make the argument that “I never use a tester on my hand,” or “I disinfect it every time I test it!,” but you have to be aware that not everyone is the same as you…and I am sure that there are many people who do not adhere to these guidelines. There are plenty of people putting testers in all parts of their face (or body!), and it is irrefutable that these testers are not clean.

After all, this isn’t only one of your friends testing our these products. These are individuals that you do not know, that could be carrying unknown bacteria, infections, or even diseases.

And I guarantee you, most of these products being thrown out are used, testers, and have probably been through hell and back. And if they weren’t already bacteria laden from in-store use, who knows what kind of organisms are found in that dumpster? I wish there was such a thing as a magical dumpster full of slightly touched makeup, but in reality, these makeup products could have been sitting alongside a moldy sandwich or greased up pizza box. You just truly never know where things have been, especially if they come from the trash!

I cannot imagine how infested a makeup product in the store open for testing has been, let alone a product that has been sitting in the garbage. Whether they are “cleaned” after discovery in a dumpster, personally it still skeeves me out that it was in the trash (or touched by so many individuals).

But what about products that are new or untouched?

For that, I have two different responses.

If a product is untouched, I would personally wonder if there is something wrong with it, such as expiration or defectiveness. If a product is expired, then it is definitely not fit for use. Products have an expiration date for a reason–it means that the product is not to be used after that date! I’ve used expired products before, and the styes or irritation that followed is not pretty–and no person should have to go through that.

And if there is a slim, slim chance that a product is brand-spanking new and perfect and just thrown out… honestly, I am disappointed to think that it would be in the trash. If makeup companies are throwing out products that are untouched, new, that is just tragic. Those products shouldn’t be sitting in a trash can. No lightly used products should be. They should be donated to women’s shelter, as there is plenty of individuals out there who would be more than gracious to be given any of those products. Honestly, Sephora and Ulta, if you’re reading this…please don’t throw out any products that could benefit a women’s shelter.

I think that in a way, this all connects to the fact that makeup prices are growing astronomically. I truthfully knew that it was only time before people would find a way to save money with makeup (like Glambot, the makeup consignment site), but I honestly don’t think this is the way to do it. Whether you think this is the greatest idea since sliced bread, that is your own right to. But for me personally, I don’t think that the risk is outweighed by the pro.

I personally save, and decide to reward myself with nicer makeup products. I genuinely work hard for the products I purchase, and seldom splurge on something crazy. I fully understand that there are individuals out there who cannot do so, as makeup costs can be truly astronomical. But I do not think that dumpster diving for makeup is the means to attain products. I simply view the health risk to be one that shouldn’t be taken.

Anyways, let’s end things on a lighter note.

Do you like Sephora or Ulta more?


It didn’t sit right with me that all of that usable makeup was being thrown out, when it could really benefit those in need! So, I sent a tweet to Ulta!

Let’s hope that some good change is going to be made! And that we can get those lightly used products to women who need them!



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