An Under $50 ELF Cosmetics Starter Kit


Makeup is getting increasingly expensive, which is a topic that I often discuss on this blog–whether it’s the astronomically rising costs of drugstore makeup or the extreme methods that people have gone to get makeup at an inexpensive cost, it is undeniable that makeup costs are growing quickly.

Beloved brands like Wet N Wild, NYX, and ELF Cosmetics have been exceeding their maximum price range, and coming out with products that are double, sometimes triple that cost. However, despite their rising costs, ELF Cosmetics has still remained a “budget brand,” which surprises me as their new launches exceed the pricing of other brands. I remember back when each product was one dollar, and then their studio line shocked everyone by being three to five dollars per item…now we have ELF Cosmetics churning out luxury-esque brushes and ten dollar products.

Nevertheless, it is still a “budget” beauty brand to many, so it made sense that I would start off my under $50 starter kit with ELF Cosmetics. I plan on making another one of these posts, but we’ll see! Keep in mind that when I designed this starter kit, I looked at my current beauty routine (I’ll have to tally that up soon…) and picked items that I thought would make a wonderful starter kit. Obviously, you can give another makeup lover $50 to spend at ELF, and they would come out with different products, but this is what I chose!


See? Fifty dollars–no more, no less!


Prep & Hydrate Balm ($8)- This balm is supposed to mattify your face, while hydrating it and preparing your skin for makeup.

Beautifully Bare Foundation Serum ($8)- If I were to ever give up my all natural face makeup (Yay LUSH!), I would definitely give this foundation serum a try. It’s light, and gives a light amount of coverage while keeping the skin hydrated.

High Definition Powder ($6)- I find that a nice, translucent powder is necessary to set lighter face makeup. This powder is supposed to be a phenomenal dupe for all the other translucent powders flying off shelves at Sephora.

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder ($4)- This duo used to be $3, so I’m a little bit salty. But regardless, it’s a wonderful product and well-known dupe for the NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo.


Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow ($3)- I’m really picky about cream shadows, but this formula is pretty good! These cream shadows are a nice, budget friendly version of the Maybelline Color Tattoos, and provide a nice pigmentation. They’d make the perfect base for eyeshadows! (To be honest, you still need primer…but it’s a $50 makeup challenge).

Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette ($10)- These shadows provide nice pigmentation, and a wide array of colors for use! This palette has everything you need to create a nice, neutral or natural eye makeup look! The broad range of shades are plenty to take you from day to night, or for any occasion.

Cream Eyeliner ($3)- It even comes with a brush! This cream liner is pigmented, goes on smoothly, and doesn’t fade! It’s a favorite for many of my friends, and is super budget-friendly.


Instant Lift Brow Pencil ($2)- Out of the entire ELF eyebrow collection, this was the only product that remotely tempted me. Although the tip looks a little fat for my taste (sorry guys I’m picky), it is a pigmented and blendable eyebrow pencil. Maybe if ELF made the tip smaller…..

Eyebrow Treat & Tame ($3)- This is a two for one, in my book! There’s a tinted side, and a clear side! Brow gel is crucial in my brow game, as it keeps my brows tamed!



Matte Lip Color ($3)- These lipsticks are AMAZING. They are pigmented, go on smooth, and are matte without drying. My favorite shade is Berry Sorbet.

These are the products I would pick for an ELF Starter Kit, if I was given fifty dollars to spend!

I would go and buy a L’Oreal brow pencil though.

Sorry, ELF.

What products would you pick for an ELF starter kit?



7 thoughts on “An Under $50 ELF Cosmetics Starter Kit

  1. I totally agree about the illuminating palette, but I would have gone with their BB cream (among other changes 😉 ). It goes on super light and has sunscreen. I used to only wear it in the summer and have a heavier foundation-ey product for the winter but now I do all BB cream all the time because it just feels so much better for my face. Ah. Love it.

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  2. I’m definitely sharing this with my friends, because they always ask me what they should buy when they want to get into makeup, and I think it can be overwhelming if you try to buy everything for your face from the drugstore at once because 1) you don’t have an actual product preference yet, 2) it’s definitely super expensive now, 3) it’s hard to find brands that sell everything that you might put in your beauty routine! I feel like elf definitely helps solve all of these problems, though I’m personally more down for their $3 shadow quads paired with the smudge pots, then the palettes (though save for their holiday palettes, I haven’t ever given their actual non-limited edition palettes a chance).

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    1. I’m planning on making one that’s a mix of different brands, since I’m a firm believer that different brands have different strengths! And I understand completely, elf has been going up in their prices recently which makes it tricky to give some of their products a try–it’s hard because their pricing is getting expensive (along with the rest of the drugstore!). Their new brushes look amazing but I can’t justify that pricing, hahaha. Thanks for commenting, Liv, it’s always nice to hear from you!

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