OVERRATED High End Makeup… and Amazing Drugstore Dupes!


I have tried a bunch of makeup in my lifetime, although I only started wearing makeup recently in recent years. It’s because before I figured out what worked best for me, I used to be absolutely obsessed with purchasing and trying everything. From CVS to Sephora, I had swatched, sampled, and tested a bunch of products. Whether my friends purchased something, or I had on my own, I slowly ended up swatching so many products. I also got a bunch from Ipsy and Birchbox, back in the heyday when I needed something to cheer me up every month.

As a result, I learned what was best for me, and that spending money on makeup doesn’t necessarily ensure that you’re going to get a phenomenal product. There were tons of highly hyped products, that I ended up trying…and being completely underwhelmed for. I think a lot of times, people get swayed by fancy packaging and forget that just because something looks pretty doesn’t mean it’s going to work.

So, inspired by these experiences, I decided to present you all with some of the biggest overrated higher-end products I’ve tried, and to present you all with some super AMAZING and affordable dupes! If there’s something that Chrissey loves…it’s a beauty bargain.

FOUNDATION: Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation vs wet n wild CoverAll Crème Foundation

This KVD foundation was highly recommended by countless Sephora employees during my sophomore year of college, when I believed that more makeup = better results….clearly that clashes with my current “less is more” philosophy. This is one of the most popular foundations at Sephora, because of the fact that it is tremendously high coverage. It is also insanely heavy, extremely dry, and very patchy. It is a total pain in the ass to blend, and blending it is near impossible. It’s one of the heaviest foundations in existence, and although many praise it for being high coverage, it honestly isn’t that great!

This Wet N Wild foundation is one of the few face products that I finished the entire tube of. It is high coverage–but it is also build-able, creamy, and very easy to blend. I will admit one con to this is that the shade range is smaller than anticipated, but it is still an absolutely amazing foundation. It proves that just because your foundation is high coverage, does not mean that it has to be heavy! The formula is so creamy and this foundation is honestly a dream to blend! The best part about this foundation though? It costs FOUR DOLLARS.

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, $35, vs wet n wild CoverAll Crème Foundation, $3.99.

CONCEALER: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer vs Maybelline® FIT ME!® Concealer

This NARS concealer is one of those things that everyone and their mother has tried. It’s supposed to be creamy and pigmented, and a total gamechanger. Except…it’s really thick and hard to blend, and because of the fact that it is so incredibly thick…it creases! It creases pretty badly, and when applying it to cover up your undereye circles, that is the last thing that you want! It fades in weird areas, and is very expensive for the small amount of product that you get!

Okay, y’all. I seldom recommend anything from Maybelline or Cover Girl because I often find that their products are not that good. But this concealer from Maybelline is the bomb dot com. It isn’t heavy, but whoa it packs a punch! It’s smooth, creamy, easy to blend, and definitely long lasting. It has saved me from many a late night of cramming for Microbiology exams or staying up late writing lab reports. It is by far one of the best drugstore concealers out there.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, $30, vs Maybelline® FIT ME!® Concealer, $5.49

FACE POWDER: MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation vs NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation

Back when powder foundation was a pivotal part of my makeup routine, I actually went through two of those NYX powder compacts, before I finally decided to treat myself and purchase the MAC one. Instantly, I realized that my makeup had changed… it didn’t look as natural, and looked very…flat. For more than three times the price, the MAC foundation compact I had purchased, although very aesthetically pleasing, provided a very flat and dusty looking finished to my face makeup. I was confused, as this compact was spotted literally everywhere. Yes, it provided very good coverage, but it also made my face look very flat and very dusty. I still keep the compact, because it is so pretty, but I have never touched the powder since.

This NYX powder is a very good summer powder, because it provides good coverage while giving your face a satin-matte finish. The powder is nicely milled, and goes on smooth and evenly. It helps to achieve that flawless kind of finish, but very true to its name, it does not leave your face looking flat! It’s very light–but the coverage is very nice! It’s a nice lightweight powder, and was my holy grail back when I loved powder foundations.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, $28, vs NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation, $9.50.


HIGHLIGHT: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector(R) Pressed Champagne Pop vs Colourpop Wisp

When Jaclyn Hill collaborated, and the Champagne Pop highlighter came out, people completely lost their minds over it. They believed it to be from Olympus itself, the most spectacular and wonderful highlighter to ever grace us mortals. But the fact of the matter is this–it’s a champagne highlighter. C’mon folks–it’s not anything revolutionary or absolutely game-changing. Yes, it is decently pigmented, but it’s nothing earth shattering. It’s a champagne highlighter.

If you want to talk about game-changing, the Colour Pop highlighters are absolutely A-MAZING. They have a very special kind of pillow-y, cushion-y, soft powder texture that makes applying them effortless and easy as can be. They go on soft and creamy, and are extremely buildable and blendable, but they are a POWDER PRODUCT. Whoa. I absolutely love how they can be layered on top of products and they don’t slip or slide, and how they truly give your highlight a POP that is out of this world. They each are only $8, and are such a freaking steal.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector(R) Pressed Champagne Pop, $38, vs Colourpop Wisp, $8


I could write a blog post about how overrated this product is.

LIPSTICK: MAC Lipstick Ruby Woo vs Colour Pop Bossy


Okay, before you all start throwing rocks at me…hear me out. I know that Ruby Woo from MAC Cosmetics is considered an “iconic” lipstick. It has a perfume named after it, for pete’s sake! I get it. It’s an all around classic, versatile red. After all, I made the decision to purchase it in the first place, didn’t I? I was immediately drawn to the beautiful packaging, and the fact that this lipstick shade is iconic.

And now, I have to give you guys the truth. I used this lipstick a handful of times, before I realized that it wasn’t my first choice. Not only are these matte lipsticks extremely drying, but they do not glide on easily. They feel like rubbing sidewalk chalk on your bare lips. It has a lot of drag, and although it goes on evenly and is pigmented, it just is not a smooth lipstick. Just because a lipstick is creamy doesn’t mean it isn’t matte. You can have matte lipsticks that don’t feel like you’re going to pry off a layer of your lips! I feel like for the price you pay for this MAC lipstick, you can really find a color dupe with a much better formula than this dry, overhyped lipstick. You’re truly only paying for the brand, for this one. But you’re allowed to disagree with me, it’s a cult favorite–I just found it to be too drying and honestly, one of my least favorite lipstick formulas. It’s not an amazing product, it’s just okay.

When I worked and lived in student housing, of the Resident Assistants completely changed my makeup game when she recommended Colour Pop Cosmetics to me. And out of the numerous lip products I have tried, I must fully confess that my favorite formula, out of every lipstick they sell, are the matte lippie stix (lipsticks). They are pigmented, creamy, and go on easily and smoothly. They are opaque, never patchy, and always give your lips a BEAUTIFUL look. Their color selection is insane, and my favorite one out of all the ones I own is a true red called Fighter that was a limited edition release (Bossy is a perfect dupe!). It is the true, hands down, best red lipstick I have ever owned. Sorry Giorgio Armani, sorry MAC.

***not to be confused with the Colour Pop Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks. Those are drying. But still not as bad as MAC!

MAC Lipstick Ruby Woo, $17, vs Colour Pop Bossy, $5

What is the most overrated makeup product, in your opinion?



30 thoughts on “OVERRATED High End Makeup… and Amazing Drugstore Dupes!

  1. In my opinion, most mascaras are highly overrated. I used to hear so many girls raving over Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara. I forked over the $24 to buy it once and found it worked exactly like my trusty drugstore favorite, Rimmel of London. I’ve tried maybe one other fancy brand of mascara, but in my opinion I just can’t tell a difference. So now I never pay more than $5 for it!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. They’re Real was super overhyped and I remember it was impossible to wash off! Most mascaras aren’t worth it. I only pay for my LUSH one because my eyes are super sensitive and that’s the only one that doesn’t irritate my eyes or give me styes (it’s all natural!). Another overrated product for me is blushes, I find that high end and drugstore work almost identically! What’s the point?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad I’m not the only one who thought They’re Real was a load of overpriced crap. And yes, now that you mention it, I recall it being damn near impossible to remove. That’s really good to know about LUSH. I haven’t gotten styes in ages (knock on wood), but sometimes my eyes can get quite sensitive.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. A lot of Benefit is overpriced garbage. Their Benetint is trash and I find that my NYC $3 cheek tint works 4000x better. Their They’re Real! Line is extra bad. Their eyeshadows are horrible (I tried in-store) and I remember I loved the eyeliner until it ran out in like 2 months and I was like “well… I just overpaid for a tiny bit of gel eyeliner that was so hard to apply!” So I now use the Tarteist Clay liner, which is my fave. Their blushes are also overhyped and so dupable.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. When you mentioned eyeliner, it did remind me of one high end product I was actually pleased with — Dior’s liquid eyeliner was expensive but sooooo good! It’s nice once in a while when money is well spent.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes! There’s good high end products lol, they’re not all trash! Tom Ford lipstick is a DREAM, and you have to try one when you can! I’ll DM you this shade I’ve been dreaming of and thought was so Charlotte! And I agree, it’s always nice to splurge!

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  2. MAC’s mattes do tend to be a little too dry for my liking. A lot of people tend to say that ColourPop’s Ultra Mattes are drying, to me they are no where near MAC in my opinion. But honestly, drugstore nowadays are becoming almost close to High End prices which is ticking me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Colour Pop’s ultra mattes are VERY drying to me! But not as bad as MAC. I love their Matte Lippie Stix (lipsticks), not a huge fan of their Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks! I’m going to clarify that really quick in the post!
      Drugstore nowadays are getting pricey (I’ve written a post about it!) but if a product is around $5-8 I still consider it a win! Thanks for your input!


      1. Their Matte Lippie sticks are SOO drying on me 😦 That’s why I have more of their Ultra matte liquid lipsticks. Its crazy how one product does something on someone and not on another.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s a strange phenomenon, sometimes it’s all depending on the person! I’m glad we can agree that the MAC lipsticks are a desert though hahaha.


      3. For real. I really want to enjoy the MAC lipsticks but not when they are so drying. It’s crazy cause I always put lip balm and everything and It still too drying.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey girl, great post!! So funny how you compared the NARS concealer to the Maybelline one because I love BOTH of them. I’m currently using the NARS one but when I’m on a budget I’ll go for the Maybelline one. I do agree, the NARS concealer is creamier and the Maybelline one blends better. x

    Valerie // avecvalerie.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re really similar except for that the NARS is creamier and thicker! I’m glad you’ve found a nice rotation and that you can attest that they’re surely dupes! I usually don’t use concealer but if I do, I’ll use the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye! I hope you’ve been doing well and have a wonderful week!

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  4. I totally agree about the MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. Yes, the colour’s gorgeous, but it’s SOOO difficult to wear because of the dryness! (ditto Russian Red). Even wearing lip balm underneath didn’t help much. My lips are very dry, anyway, so I found the formula almost agonising. These days I wear NYX Butter lipsticks which are great.

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