The Best (And Easiest) Healthy Fries

If there’s something you guys know about me, it’s that I love fries. Fries are my favorite food, and the way to my heart.

And after stumbling on to this recipe… I’m obsessed.

I have made these fries thrice already in the first twenty four hours that I have known about them. They are vegan, oil-free, fat free… and made in the oven! The problem I have with baking fries in the oven is that they are never crispy or crunchy, but this amazing recipe from Brand New Vegan solves that problem with his secret.

I’ve made them a few times, and this is what I’ve learned-

  1. The most important part of this recipe is the SHAKING. Do not try to stir the seasonings and flour. Your fries won’t be evenly coated in a THIN layer, and they won’t crisp up as much. Plus they mash up your potatoes a bit, and allow them to get all messy and crispy!
  2. Shaking. No stirring.
  3. Do not cut your fries in small pieces. They’ll get really messed up in the shaking process.
  4. Sweet potatoes don’t work the same. Lauren is trying the recipe tonight for scientific analysis, but they definitely don’t work the same in my experience.

Seriously. Go check out his post now, and make these fries! They are so easy to make, and a total gamechanger. I’m in love.

My favorite way to serve these is with a generous amount of Sriracha on top! You could also mix Sriracha and mayo to make Sriracha mayo… and Sriracha ketchup… Sriracha aioli?

I love Sriracha.

Be sure to give these a try!

And you know, if anyone has a healthy, fat free cheese sauce recipe…. send it my way. Healthy cheese fries, what a time to be alive!

What is your favorite thing to eat with fries?



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