Being Embarrassed Of Your Blog

My friend Charlotte recently wrote a post on embarrassment and how hard it can be to “come out” with your blogging. I could not stop thinking about how hard it was for me to share my blogging with my friends and loved ones. And then I thought to myself, “I wonder how many other people out there really struggled with sharing their blog…” And so, I decided to write this blog post. At like, midnight. But that’s just what happens when you’re Chrissey.

When I first started blogging, I was very secretive about it. But I was the annoying kind of secretive where I would accidentally mention it, or be extremely awkward whenever someone asked me about it. I remember people would ask me to write down the URL or share it with them, and I was always incredibly anxious about it and very embarrassed. I would be hesitant, and I would always say, “oh but it isn’t anything special, it’s nothing.”

As my Twitter was connected to my WordPress, I would always hurry after writing a blog post to quickly delete the tweet, so that no one in my “real life” would know about my blog life. As foolish and as childish as it sounded, I was just embarrassed of people making fun of me and judging me. And as we all know now, that is definitely not something that I care about now, but trust me… we’ll get to that.

As my blog grew in popularity, and in many other ways, I had a realization that I shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed. After all, I worked hard and I genuinely created something that I was immensely amazed by. I had created something of my own, that I had poured my heart and soul into, and that I was proud of (as self-centered as that may sound). I was utilizing my skills and passions, and working on a project that made me profusely happy. So, why did it matter what people thought, and why was I embarrassed?

It wasn’t one swoop or an instant moment when suddenly everyone knew about my blog. It was a gradual change, to me talking about blogging more, me freely sharing my URL and blog with those who asked. I stopped deleting the linked tweets, and I put my URL in my Instagram. It was something that I wasn’t ashamed of, and although it was perfectly normal to be embarrassed at the time, I wasn’t anymore.

People asked me about my blog all the time, and people in my daily life would mention it. And of course, because I am always honest, I’ll divulge some people said some not-so-stellar things about me blogging.

You see, like any other human, there are some people I’ve lost contact with or don’t speak to anymore. And of course, as anticipated, they said a lot of negative things about me and blogging. They said things like, “Who does she think she is, blogging?” And, “I bet no one reads her stupid blog,” or, “Chrissey’s so stupid, please.” You know, the typical immature petty stuff.

I’m not the type of girl that cries “boo hoo,” I’m more like the type that asks, “what the actual f?” (Sorry, that’s just me). And I’m not going to lie, I cared. Even if it was only for a brief moment, I did. Because when things matter to us, we care–and even though those people didn’t matter to me, my blog definitely did.

After all, isn’t that a blogger’s worst nightmare? Having all the people from your outside life discover your blog and ridicule you and your content?

But then, I remembered one of my favorite quotes from Mindy Kaling.

“People get scared when you try to do something, especially when it looks like you’re succeeding. People do not get scared when you’re failing. It calms them. But when you’re winning, it makes them feel like they’re losing or, worse yet, that maybe they should’ve tried to do something too, but now it’s too late. And since they didn’t, they want to stop you. You can’t let them.”

-Mindy Kaling

And the thing is, she’s right. 

People don’t care if you’re idle and doing nothing. They aren’t intimidated or scared if you are bad at blogging or bad at whatever you do. They get scared when you do something amazing or you take a risk. It freaks them out when you do something, or you’re working on something that looks like it’s going to be wonderful. And I’m not here saying that my blog is going to be award winning and that I’m going to travel the world for free.

That’s not my goal.

My goal is to have a space where I can write about what I please and share my passions with all of you–and I believe my goal has been long accomplished. Because I do this because it makes me happy and it’s something I absolutely love.

And so, that is how I’m not embarrassed anymore, and additionally how I don’t really care what others think. All that matters is what I’m doing, and how I feel about that. And what I get to do is write my heart out, and share and collaborate with all of you.

It’s actually fun having people know you blog–my friend’s boyfriend actually asked me for help on fashion/lifestyle blogs since he knew I was a blogger. And people in my daily life always ask me for random recommendations and tips and tricks!

And it’s absolutely terrifying to “come out” and share your blog with the world. I was terrified, and so were many others before me, but sometimes you just have to be a little bit fearless.

Do you share your blog with people in your “real life?”



27 thoughts on “Being Embarrassed Of Your Blog

  1. Hey Chrissey, I love this post! I can relate a lot to it. The only ppl in my life who know about my blog is my sister and my bf :)) now it is getting to the point where i think i will be telling my parents bc I am starting to combine my blogging/Twitter world with my real life world! Lol not that my blog isnt real… it is, it’s just that I’m starting to meet ppl in person who i have only ever met online. So i think the time is coming, but not feeling too ready for it. But I really have to always do things when I’m not ready, bc it pushes me — that’s how i made my blog lol just spontaneously! I love the Mindy quote & your blog & so glad you’re proud of it 😄💕

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    1. I’m so excited that you’re getting close to that stage where you’re sharing your blog. Social media and blogging really is a strong and powerful tool; often time it connects with our real life more than we think! And I’m glad you could relate! Thanks for commenting and sharing your insight, be sure to tell me how it goes when you share your blog with more people!

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  2. I’m kinda glad that other people feel the same way I do. My family doesn’t know about my blog, I’ve decided to stop sharing my posts on my personal FB account. I like keeping it from them, because I can talk about any and everything including them lol and I don’t want anything to get back to my parents. I think it allows me to be more open with my blog without wondering which one of my nosy family members is lurking and snitching lol. It’s weird that I’m more comfortable sharing intimate details about my life with strangers, but my family barely knows me. Thank you for your post, it really made me think about things. ☺♥

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    1. It’s definitely a personal choice, and I admire your reasons for keeping your blog private. I definitely keep my blog off of Facebook for some privacy reasons, but other than that it’s on my Twitter and Instagram. I think there’s plenty of reasons to not share your blog, but it should never be because you’re embarrassed of your content! And I’m glad you aren’t. Thanks for sharing your insight and commenting, and I’m glad the post made you think about things!

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      1. I think one day I’ll get to the point where I don’t care who knows about it and what they’ll think, but that probably won’t be until I move out of my parent’s house lol I’m not trying to get put out lol.

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  3. Being proud of yourself is not being self centered, it’s loving yourself and you are allowed to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. I sometimes too get a bit self conscious about my blog, solely because I live in a VERY small town where people just don’t “get it”. I still post about it all over social media, if people want to hate – let them! Good luck dear, keep on sharing! x Autumn

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    1. Thanks Autumn! I understand completely, sometimes there are just people who don’t understand things! And I love your attitude about things, it’s very inspiring. Thanks for commenting and sharing your insight!

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  4. Well I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who didn’t share about blogging right away. When I did tell people, I quickly realized that very few of them would actually follow so now I pretty much tell everyone. After all, it’s up to them to read the posts. 😉

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    1. That’s what I noticed after I shared and told people too! It’s up to them to follow up, and most of them don’t. Which is totally fine! Thanks for sharing your insight and commenting!

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  5. My blog link has been in my instagram bio for a while, but I rarely ever talk about my blog with my friends and no one at my job has a clue I do it! I’m trying to get more into being open with it now, and I think it’s because I’m a lot more confident about the things I post (and also because I sometimes post my blog photos on instagram, so it’d be weird to not acknowledge it). I don’t think I’ll ever fully advertise it to my social circle, but if they follow the click through link and end up on it, I hope they learn some cool tips from the posts they find!

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    1. As someone who has read your blog, I think that if you ever decide to share it with everyone that you have nothing to lose! You post wonderful content and it’s clear that you’re passionate about what you write! And that’s totally fine not to share it with the world, I keep my blog off Facebook but it’s all over Instagram and Twitter! And I’m sure they’ll find cool tips! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I have been dying to have a second to sit down and read this post when I saw the title. Girl, you nailed it. Wow- I could not have articulated this better for the way I act or talk about my blog. You shifted this for me.. I’ve definitely kept it underwraps from the “majority” population, won’t put the link on my instagram, share it with about 100 disclaimers if someone asks for the link….. but everything you said is so true. There is NOTHING to be embarrassed of. I can’t reiterate how much I love this post. Thank you for writing this and sharing this…. I’m sure tons of people relate too. And lemme just say, your blog should be SHARED. I absolutely love it and it’s beyond relatable. Ahh now I’m rambling, but thank you again for posting this! Have a great weekend, love!

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    1. Omg I don’t know why I never got the notification for this comment (I went on the post to pull the Mindy quote) but thank you so much for taking time to comment! I definitely ramble all the time so I understand! I definitely love your blog and think that it’s one to be shared! Especially since you post the most creative recipes and ideas! I understand completely where you’re coming from because it wasn’t until fairly recently that I stopped listing disclaimers and said “okay here’s my blog.” My friend Charlie won’t stop yammering about me getting business cards for it already! Speaking of Instagram, I definitely JUST followed yours! And thanks for your kind words, you’re the nicest and it’s always great to hear from you! I’m so sorry for the late response, have a wonderful weekend!!!

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      1. Awww thanks, girl! This encouraged me so much! I seriously was so glad you posted this. Ever since I have lightened up on the disclaimers and am just kind of like, “yep this is what I do and I LOVE it and you can judge me if you want!” Just have to have that “you do you” mindset, right?! AND YES, Chrissey!!!!! You need business cards!!!! That would be the cutest thing. I can picture them now…. love that! No need to apologize on the long response- I’ve been so behind blogging myself. I TOTALLY understand! Also, I hope people have a little more respect for the new Snapchat! I’m not gonna lie I was laughing out loud about your story last night, and DJ was like, “What are you laughing at?” I just said, “Chrissey- she cracks me up.” hahah. Have a great weekend, dear!

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      2. I will definitely mail you some if I ever get them! I lowkey went on the website to look at the different designs and some of them are soooo cute! And I have no idea why I got never got the notification for this comment, I’m usually super good about things but the WP app on my phone has been wonky (and it’s what I’ve been using since I’m still in Dallas!)
        Omg that experience scared me off the blog Snapchat–I’ve been doing Instagram stories and it seems to be working ten million times better! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and have a great week!!!

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      3. Oh my goodness- YESSS! If you get them and send them I’ll hand them out to everyone! I can see posting it in my Friday Favorites too……. cough cough.. but no pressure!!! Haha. But for real- those cards are the cutest idea! And I have SO many issues with the WP app, I still can’t fully figure it out. NO WORRIES! I hope you had such a great weekend too, dear!!!

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      4. Hahaha that definitely makes me want to get them sooner! I just can’t seem to pick a template that I like!! There’s so many people out there who print and I’m sooo picky! And the WP app really keeps bugging on me, all the time! Ugh! My weekend was great, I hope yours was too!

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  7. I am so glad I came around this today! I just recently started a blog. Today I was going to make a Facebook page in addition to my actual page and all I could think was, “but then everyone will see it!” I felt so embarrassed! I am hoping to over come that soon.

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    1. It definitely takes a lot of courage and fearlessness, especially when you’re first starting off. Just see where this whole experience takes you and eventually the embarrassment will go away–I promise!!! Good luck! And thanks for commenting!

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  8. My way is: Not telling Not Hiding.
    I start everything with 0 followers to just keep everything under my blog name. I originally don’t use social media anyway. (I just use FB and IG to follow brands and pages)
    I am waiting one day someone comes to me and ask me about my blog (negative or positive doesn’t matter) So I can be very proud of myself that “Mom! I get somewhat famous!” XD XD
    I am not embarrassed of my blog or post but I do feel embarrassed and sorry whenever someone tell me that I need to improve my writing. This is the fact that I know and trying my best by writing more often.

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