Four Fabulous Starter Highlighters To Give You A Glow

People always ask me about highlighters. It’s one of my crucial parts of my makeup routine, and I find that it helps turn me from tired zombie to looking decently awake and refreshed. Also, it really helps lift my brows, and give my cheekbones a nice POP!

For my under-brow area, I use Watts Up! by Benefit, with a nude eye shadow on top to lift my brow. And for my cheekbones, I use Watts Up! with my ColourPop highlighter on top, to give that nice glow. For all of you asking me what I do to achieve my “glow,” it’s really those two products!

Picking the perfect highlighter can be a little tricky, which is why I’ve picked my four favorite highlighters that I’ve tried. It’s a nice mix of different products, but most are affordable. It’s important to choose a highlighter that is finely milled, and with good pigmentation so that you can not only build up product as you need it, but also so that it will give you that nice pop of shimmer.

I personally am not a huge fan of glitter, so none of these are glittery at all!

In order from left to right:

wet n wild Color Icon Bronzer, Reserve Your Cabana

SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Face Powders – Blush, Bronze, Highlight, & Contour

ColourPop School is Fun Pearlized Highlighter

Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter

wet n wild Color Icon Bronzer, Reserve Your Cabana, $3.99

This is the best budget-friendly option, and probably the best for those who are looking for a great value. If you don’t end up liking it as a highlight, then you can use the powder as a finishing powder! But if you do…then you have highlighter for a long, long time. This powder is HUGE, and an absolutely great value for your money! It is super easy to use, very buildable, and perfect for beginners. It is a little powdery though, so it isn’t my absolute favorite, but it is still a pigmented, inexpensive, and easy to blend highlighter.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Face Powders – Blush, Bronze, Highlight, & Contour, $14

This one is best for those who are afraid of highlighters, because it is the least strong out of all of them. This powder is extremely build-able, and doesn’t go on too strong. It’s still pigmented, but I think the pigmentation is toned down a little bit. It really is perfect for those who are hesitant to try highlighting because you need to build it up a bit more for that POP! But the formula is smooth, the powder isn’t powdery-looking, and it glides on very easily. There’s a wide array of shades, as well.

ColourPop School is Fun Pearlized Highlighter, $8

This highlighter is one for those who really want that glow! This highlighter is buildable, like the other ones, but you only need a bit! It is SO pigmented, and the glow on these highlighters is absolutely amazing. There is a very wide array of shades from this brand, but this one is my absolute favorite. The light gold duochrome works wonderfully with my skin tone to give a perfect glow. I highly recommend these highlighters from ColourPop, every time I use mine I only regret that I didn’t try them sooner! They aren’t a powder, but they aren’t a cream–it’s a wonderful hybrid that makes applying and blending them an absolute dream!

Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter, $30

This highlighter is perfect for those who want something easy and simple to apply! The cream is a lot more forgiving than the powder, and a lot easier to apply! I got a sample of this from Sephora, and it was the first highlighter I ever used! It lasts a very long time, as you don’t use much, but it provides the perfect soft, natural glow! I used to only highlight with this product when I was first starting off, but now I always finish off with my ColourPop highlighter. It’s so blendable, and so buildable; both of these factors make it so easy to apply and foolproof!

These are my favorite highlighters, and any of these four are perfect to start off with! They’re all wonderful products, but each has different strengths and reasons why I adore them! I hope this post helped you all out, are there any other “four starter” posts you guys would like? Do you like the mix of high and low, or would you like one or the other?

What’s one of your favorite highlighters?



11 thoughts on “Four Fabulous Starter Highlighters To Give You A Glow

    1. I do too! I’ve tried to find dupes for it, but have not found one as creamy or blendable! A lot of cream highlighters are oily as well, and the Benefit one is not! It also doesn’t break me out.


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