(Literally) Naturally Bad Ass

There’s this weird assumption that people always make–they assume that without makeup, that you have to look bad. And to be honest, I might joke about being a little zombie or looking like I crawled out of a drain pipe, but I don’t think I look bad. I’m not saying that I look like a long lost Hadid sister, but I don’t bad. I actually think that when someone (not just me!) isn’t wearing makeup, there’s a certain kind of beauty and elegance.

In our natural state, and I’m talking about real natural, not thirty step natural makeup (not that there’s anything wrong with it!), we learn to truly appreciate and love ourselves for who we are. Flaws and all.

And trust me, not all of us look like Alicia Keys without makeup, and that is perfectly fine. And even though it’s fun to put on pretty eyeshadow or perfect our brows, there’s a simple appreciation of going bare faced.

People often assume that when you blog about makeup, you have to look perfect. And okay, some people might take the approach of heavily editing photos or perfect lightings, but I told you guys before–I only edit for lighting! That’s it. No nips or tucks or weird Chinese photo editing apps.

And for the pictures I took today of my bare face… I didn’t even touch them! Not small lighting fixes. I didn’t even put on a cute outfit or find perfect lighting, I literally snapped quick selfies to share with all of you… my bare af face.

Now if you look, you might notice something. You know, besides the obvious stuff like imperfect skin and small break outs. Small freckles, and whatnot. And you know, the super obvious stuff like how my lips aren’t red and I look tired without eyeliner.

Look at the cheeks. Yup.

My cheeks are way, way lighter than the rest of my face. About two foundation shades, last time I checked. A bit more, actually. About two years ago, Ashley noticed while we were sitting on the bus that my cheeks looked a little strange in the light. She looked a little closer, and she said, “Chrissey, small parts of your cheek are white.” I wasn’t wearing any makeup at the time, and checked it out in a compact. She was right, part of the pigmentation of the skin on my cheek was starting to fade. And as time past, that area spread and continued to fade. (Also, medically, my cheeks are the only area with fading. The rest of my body is completely unaffected and totally fine, it’s just the cheeks!)

And today, my cheeks are way lighter than the rest of my face! It’s less pink in person and a lot more just pale. And I’ll admit that at first I was a little self conscious, but now I kinda love my cheeks. The little quirk is just part of what makes me unique.

Like Alicia Keys said, “All women are naturally bad ass.”

What’s your favorite quirk about yourself?



12 thoughts on “(Literally) Naturally Bad Ass

  1. Your skin looks great!!! ā¤ I think most people are much less harsh than ourselves. I never notice any imperfections on my friends and when they bring it up- I truly never realised before they even had spots/freckles/scars… but Lovely post !! ā¤

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  2. Chrissey, this is like my favorite post ever. Like EVER. I love this on so many levels. Sure, I love it because you are gorgeous with or without makeup. But I love it even more to see a brilliant, talented, makeup blogger such as yourself come out with these bold statements. The world needs more bloggers like you!!!

    Love, Charlotte xoxo

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    1. Aww Charlotte thank you!! You’re so sweet!!! I think that it’s an important thing to acknowledge because so many women, especially bloggers think that they’re expected to be picture perfect flawless always, and the thing is, they’re always bad ass… makeup or not! It’s something that we often forget in the fun of things (I find it so fun to put on bold lipsticks), but makeup or not we’re all still amazing. In my case… weirdly pigmented cheeks or not hahahah. Thanks so much for your kind words, we need more bloggers like YOU who always share their thoughts and ideas and collaborate with others!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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      1. I totally agree!! I’ve got rosacea, which means if I don’t put on primer, it looks like I am constantly blushing or sun burned. It’s hard not to be self conscious of it, but I have to remind myself it is very normal!

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      2. It’s totally normal!!! And these little things are just what make us, us! So many people out there are like “oh this is me naturally” but it’s soooo obvious they’re faking it.

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  3. ^^Retweet what Charlotte said. And Oo girl, your killing it with these posts. SO real. You are gorgeous without makeup, and even more your confidence shines through (as does your Sass- cause, come on, that goes without saying šŸ˜‰ ). But thank you for sharing this- it’s incredibly important to have these reminders. I agree 100% that there is something soooo beautiful about being just YOU, no additives. We are fed differently through media and pressure of society, but this type of post is the perfect reminder of the truth of knowing who you are behind the powder. LOVE it.

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    1. You’re so sweet! agree with you that it’s important to have these reminders! Younger girls are starting to wear makeup at a suuupper young age, and the media really does put all sorts of pressure on women! And it’s important to remember, makeup or not, bare faced or made up, we’re all still strong and powerful….and unique in our very own ways! Plus it’s so important to know who you are and to be proud of it, especially when there’s not-so-great people out there who knock women down (and other women who do it too!) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and have a wonderful week!!!

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  4. You look great. I use to have bad acne and so at a young age I wore makeup often. As an adult luckily it’s pretty clear and I use glossier. Good skincare line and they are all about the bare face

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