My Current “Foundation” Routine


My skin has been extra dry recently because of winter–to the point where I’ve needed to moisturize frequently. I typically use one of two face products, the Neutrogena ® Skin Clearing Complexion Perfector or the Lush Cosmetics Colour Supplement in Light YellowI find that the Neutogena is better for when my skin is dry, and the Lush is better for when my skin is feeling a little more oily. Sometimes, I even mix both!

I love them both because they are lightweight, provide light coverage (I like having my natural skin kinda shine through), and are creamy and super blendable! And they do not break me out and are not heavy on my skin! They’re both my favorite tinted moisturizer/face base of 2016–my high-end and drugstore pick! (PS, Jess from PT Contender has tried the anti-aging one, and it’s amazing! I use the anti-breakout one. I believe they have the same kind of formula, just different purpose!)

I think it’s super important to find a foundation, or in my case tinted moisturizer, that really suits your needs! I absolutely love both of these, and have not found a better all natural, or drugstore alternative for both.

The LUSH is a lot thicker, and more so better as a concealer, which is what I have been using it as recently! The Neurtogena is the better base.

If you made me pick a favorite, I would have to say the Neutrogena one, because I truly can use it with all types of skin types, and it is less expensive. The LUSH one does have the benefit of being all natural, though. If you all have any other all natural tinted moisturizers to recommend, be sure to tell me!

ANYWAYS, these are the other products I use.


A moisturizer- I am currently using  It Cosmetics’ Confidence in a Cream™ Transforming Moisturizing Super Creambecause my skin is SUPER dry. My little deluxe sample tub has lasted me a very, very, very long time. I also love the all-natural lavender moisturizer Jojo and I use, and also Clinique’s. My skin is dry during winter, so this is an extra step.

Lush Cosmetics Magical Moringa Face Moisturizer Now that I’ve used it a few times, I’ve learned not to be too stingy when applying. AKA, I really need to buy a full size because my deluxe sample is dwindling. It’s an absolutely awesome face and eyeshadow primer, and I have sung its praises multiple times on this blog.

Neutrogena ® Skin Clearing Complexion Perfector– This is my perfect base makeup, my dream tinted moisturizer. I absolutely love it, and find that it blends into my skin beautifully and effortlessly. It provides light coverage, is not heavy, and makes my skin look lowkey naturally radiant. It’s awesome. I use my Urban Decay brush to apply this… and pretty much everything else after this.

Lush Cosmetics Colour Supplement in Light Yellow– I apply a tiny bit of this under my eyes, around my nose, and teensy bit on my cheeks! I use it as a concealer, because it is so thick and creamy. I’ve found that although it does work well as a tinted moisturizer, it works much better as a concealer, and used sparingly! It’s such a tiny little container, after all!

Lush Cosmetics Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder– The best translucent powder that I have ever used! It is smooth, finely milled, and goes on smooth. It is truly translucent and does not leave any weird casts, and is normal if you take flash photography! I absolutely love this, and have not found a better powder yet! And it’s all natural.


All in all, I think these products make the perfect face routine for me! They’re all wonderful and part of this perfect little formula for light, breathable, natural face makeup. And even though my skin is lowkey dry and crusty…you can’t even tell! The moisturizers and proper priming really help, and so does the tinted moisturizer!

PS- the eyeshadow is the Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Palette. I have not used another palette since I bought it…. lol. Other makeup is the usual….should I make a post of my “usual?” Let me know!

What’s your current foundation or tinted moisturizer of choice??



15 thoughts on “My Current “Foundation” Routine

    1. It’s really wonderful for light makeup or a more natural foundation routine! It isn’t super heavy or ultra high coverage but it’s perfect for people looking for light coverage and a breathable foundation! It blends wonderfully too.


  1. Great recommendations! I love Neutrogena products as well. I haven’t tried the Neutrogena product you mentioned. I’ll keep that in mind, as I need something lighter on my face for work during summer. I am also interested in the Lush line you mentioned. I’m not too familiar with the product line.

    I use Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture and Dermalogica Oil Control Moisturizer. For foundation, I alternate between MAC Studio Fix and Revlon Color Stay (normal/combo skin).

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    1. I love Neutrogena products. I think people get lost in the “gimmicky” foundations, like the cushions, the mousses, the sticks, etc… and Neutrogena is often overlooked because they’re not a gimmicky brand–but they are definitely a quality one!! Their products are actually beneficial to the skin! I find that the Neutrogena Skin Perfecter is perfect as a lightweight tinted moisturizer. I think it would be perfect for summer, although I use it year-round!
      As for LUSH Cosmetics, they have all natural bath and beauty products. They’re well-known for their bath and body products, but not a lot of people know about their makeup…which is AMAZING. I thought that they would be a little off because they’re all natural, vegan, etc…but they’re amazing. I reviewed a bunch in detail, here! (
      I’ve used MAC Studio Fix powder and it’s alright–I find that MAC is a little high coverage for me, but to each their own! I do prefer lighter makeup after all, lol. And I used to use Revlon Color Stay forever ago back when I used foundations regularly. I also loved L’Oreal True Match! And the WNW $4 foundation.


  2. Hey Chrissey! So honored that you mentioned me and remembered what I said about the tinted moisturizer. I’m just not starting to play with makeup (even though I’m 27 lol) but it’s been fun & the things I have tried have been brands you suggest — PLUS they are affordable! I am still using the anti-aging one & I actually just moved to North Dakota from Florida so I really need a moisturizing one :)) Thank you ❤ ❤

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    1. Of course I remember!!! I try to remember all the recommendations that I make and who’s benefitted! I’m glad you like them and that you have enjoyed everything you’ve tried!!! I haven’t found a better tinted moisturizer than the one we use, but I will always update if I find another awesome product. Good luck on the move, and it’s always wonderful to hear from you!!!

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  3. I joined this last night and you were the first blogger I noticed and I spent ages reading loads of your posts! I love them all…there’s just much variety and not just the same type of post! I look forward to reading more and if you have any tips about blogging you can give me, I’d love to hear! 😊😊

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    1. Aw Lola, that’s so sweet! Your comment definitely made my day!! And I’m flattered that you asked me for my input! Besides the general stuff like tagging your posts and writing frequently, I would say that my biggest tip is to stay true to yourself. It’s so easy to get carried away or to lose sense of why you started blogging–so many people change their content or image to fit what is “in.” I would say to never lose sense of who you are and to never forget your purpose. After all, you started blogging for a reason! Your identity is what makes you and your voice unique, and it is what your readers will truly come to admire and return for. I’ve written about various topics and things, and even though some of my readers like makeup posts they’ll read about my life, and even though some of my readers like hearing stories they’ll still read the makeup posts! I didn’t truly understand it until one day a reader told me that she reads these posts for the content, but more importantly because of me! Because of my voice, my views, and my writing!
      And that is why people will follow your blog… because of you! So stay genuine, and stay true to yourself. I’ve always strived to be authentic and real with everyone when I write, and that’s what I’ve built my purpose upon. That, and a desire to share my thoughts and views!
      So, sorry for the long response, but that’s the best tip I can give you! Be yourself and the rest will come naturally, as cliche as it sounds.

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      1. Aw thank you! I’m glad that comment made your day! Thank you so much for the advice i really appreciate it! I will always stay true to myself and I used to do YouTube so I’m hoping I can run this along side my YouTube channel and really make something to be proud of! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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