Easy Tips to Re-Purpose Your Makeup

We’ve all been in that situation. You buy a product, expecting to completely fall in love. And a few things could happen–you could end up finding the holy grail product of your dreams, you could buy that product and love it only to have it end up sitting with the rest of your unused makeup, or it could be a mismatch! And that’s when things start piling up in your makeup bag (or bags or boxes…)!

It happens to everyone, I definitely have a few products that I’ve purchased that now sit away in boxes and bags. It’s easy to get caught up while walking through Target! And because of packaging, sometimes you get a color mismatch. Or sometimes, you buy products that don’t end up being as good as you think! But instead of just letting it sit there, and letting it go bad, or god forbid throwing it away in the garbage, there’s tons of things you can do to re-purpose your makeup!

For lightly used makeup that doesn’t work:

  • Consider giving it to a friend that would like the product! I have given lightly swatched or lipsticks to Jojo and Lauren that are clean, and some of those lipsticks are their ultimate favorites! Lauren uses that Pulp Fiction palette that I didn’t like, daily–it’s her favorite!
  • Consider donating products that have been sanitized and clean to a local women’s shelter!

Black eyeliners (cream, kohl, etc)

  • You can apply them all over your lid as base for eyeshadows to create a smoky eye! Against a black base, the shadows will appear differently.

Black liquid liners

  • You can use a mascara brush to apply a little bit on your lower lashes! Often times lower lashes don’t need more volume or any fancy tricks, but just need to be darkened a little bit!


  • For any lipsticks, really, you can mix them to create new shades!
  • Apply lightly on your lips, and then apply lip balm to create a light tinted balm look!
  • Apply a tiny bit on your cheeks to use as a cream blush!

Too-light lipsticks

  • Apply a little bit in the center of your lips and slightly blend to create the look of a fuller lip!

Too-dark foundation or concealers

  • You can save these to mix with your normal foundation during the summer when you get tanner!
  • Use these shades to contour your face.

Too-light foundation or concealers

  • You can save these to mix with your normal foundation during the winter when you get lighter!
  • Use these shades to highlight your face.
  • Use to fix your eyeliner and perfect your wing.
  • Apply under brow-bone for a nice lift!

Brown eyeshadows

  • Use as an eyebrow powder.


  • Use light, shimmery shades as a highlighter!
  • Pat gold eyeshadow on top of red lipstick to create a cool look! This works with other shadows and shades of lipstick, of course!
  • Use pink shadows on your cheeks.
  • Use black eyeshadow as a powder liner.


  • Apply using a brush to create makeshift liquid eyeliner!

Highlighters and bronzers

  • Use them as eye shadow! I’ve done it plenty of times, if you use the same bronzer for light contouring and as a crease shade it also creates a nice cohesiveness in your makeup look.

There’s tons of other ways you can re-purpose any makeup that’s sitting around, but these are a few ideas! I’ve used all of these tips countless times in a pinch, but they are also great to get use out of products that you have sitting around! I find these tips especially useful for eye shadow palettes, because I’m the type of girl that only uses certain shades and then has a bunch of randoms leftover. (Plus with eye shadow palettes it’s so easy to abandon one and purchase another…)

I hope these tips helped you all out, and inspired you to re-purpose some products you have!

What’s your favorite way to re-purpose makeup products?



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