Re-Introducing Myself (25 Facts About Me!)


I admittedly am super bad at writing about me. Myspace, OKCupid, and every other instance when I’ve had to write about me…I haven’t been great at it. I could yammer on about lipsticks and social media, delicious food or Kate Spade purses, but when it comes to talking about me…not so much.

But I have been seeing so many new names and faces around here, and I have loved every opportunity that I’ve had to talk to some of you. So, it made sense to me to re-introduce myself, since I have some new followers! I have not done designated a specific post to introducing myself since I’ve started blogging in August…so, here goes.


I’ll tell you all some facts about me. I’ll do twenty five.

  1. People say that I look like Vanessa from The Little Mermaid. I’ve decided to take it as a compliment! I’ve been told that I just look intimidating, like a Disney villainess.
  2. I am… unabashedly candid, ridiculously sassy, fiercely independent. You know, the usual.
  3. If I were to pick three TV characters that would describe me, it would be Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother, Monica Geller from Friends, and Dr. Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project.
  4. My “alter ego” would be a bad ass, leather jacket wearing publicist for rappers that lives in LA and drinks scotch neat. Maybe I’ll write a fictional short story. Maybe.
  5. My favorite movie is Clueless. I dream of owning a Cher-like plaid blazer and skirt set, but in like green or something.
  6. To this day I cannot remember why I chose the name The Unabridged Sass. I really wish I could.
  7. I whole-heartedly prefer brunch over breakfast. I typically don’t get hungry enough to have breakfast and I prefer brunch foods! The best brunch I have ever had is from Batter and Berries.
  8. My body is more chest-heavy even though I’m petite. My tops are always too loose around the waist area!
  9. My favorite song is Midnight City by M83.
  10. I have the biggest crush on Childish Gambino. He’s the perfect mix of nerdy, funny, intelligent, and sexy. I’ve had a super crush on him since I was a junior in high school!
  11. My first high-end makeup purchase was the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay. I researched and obsessed about it for months until I purchased it.
  12. The most useful class that I took in college was a Communications course. It helped me get over my fear of public speaking and made me become a more confident, assertive, and better speaker. Maybe too assertive, some may argue.
  13. The best date I have ever been on was when we got beers and grilled cheese at a cool bar (talked and chatted), drove around Chicago late at night listening to The Weeknd and Childish Gambino and talking for hours, went to the top of a parking garage for the best view of the city, and then watched The Princess Bride. It was a super long, but super fun date.
  14. My drink of choice is beer. My favorites are Stella, Ruby Redbird, and few others.
  15. My mixed drink of choice is a “Stephon Sunrise.” Malibu mixed with pineapple juice. I love mojitos too.
  16. I am the Monica of my friend group. I cook and everyone shows up at my apartment to talk and hang out. I’m also kind of a control freak when it comes to cooking.
  17. I love Kate Spade handbags. I really love Chloé handbags but I don’t think I’d every actually purchase one!
  18. I don’t have a favorite makeup brand, I love far too many and like using a mix of different brands. But if I could only use one high-end brand for the rest of my life it would be Urban Decay. For drugstore it would be L’Oréal.
  19. I am obsessed with social media! I will interact with you on Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter! I love giving recommendations so don’t ever be afraid to ask!
  20. If I could have any designer design clothes for me or style me, it would be Salvador Perez, the head designer and costumist for The Mindy Project. 
  21. My favorite cupcake is the creme brûlée cupcake from Molly’s Cupcakes, it has a creme brûlée filling and the top of the cupcake has a delicious caramelized sugar top with fresh sugar glazed berries. It’s my all-time favorite. Number two is the red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles.
  22. I am obsessed with quotes! I pin so many on my Pinterest board.
  23. My dream city to live in would be San Francisco. But it’s sooo expensive! Maybe someday.
  24. I have super vivid dreams and remember them detail by detail, almost perfectly.
  25. My favorite color is green!

Alright, those are my twenty five facts! Thanks to all of you who are following, commenting, or even just checking out posts! I love interacting with each and every one of you, and feel so lucky to be able to see new names and faces around here! I appreciate each and every one of you, and look forward to sharing new posts with you all in the future!

What’s a cool fact about you? Or maybe even a few?



8 thoughts on “Re-Introducing Myself (25 Facts About Me!)

  1. LooooOOOooove these fun facts! I’ve been following a while and there were still a few things on there I didn’t know- so fun & too cute! And I love that you have some of your favorite compiled places for brunch & cupcakes. I need to actually write them down because I’m determined to try them out. Have a great weekend, lovely! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been out and about on my trip–sorry for the prolonged response!!! I always have recommendations when it comes to brunch and cupcakes–if you and DJ ever come to Chicago I’ll be more than happy to give you my recommendations! Have a great Sunday and an even greater start of your week!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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