Before I Die…(My Bucket List!)


I saw that No Tomorrow was added to Netflix, and so today I decided to give it a plunge and give it a watch!

And now, I’m three episodes from the season finale.

For those of you that haven’t seen it, basically the super logical, sensible Evie (she literally works in quality control) meets a super handsome super sexy guy with a phenomenal accent…who always believes in a crazy apocalypse. They are an unconventional match, and he teaches her to embrace life, one item on their “apocalysts” at a time! It’s a really easy to stomach feel-good romantic comedy, and a really cute show!

And even though I don’t believe in crazy doomsday conspiracy theories (knock on wood), it got me thinking of things that I wanted to do before I died! So…I made a bucket list.

I limited myself to sixty items, none too big or too small.


  1. See the sun set in Santorini
  2. Climb a major mountain
  3. See Niagara Falls (again)
  4. Go visit SaPa (again)
  5. Go to Paris
  6. Go zip lining somewhere crazy
  7. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  8. Drink wine in Italy
  9. Go scuba diving
  10. Meet Childish Gambino
  11. Fall in love
  12. Spend the entire night in a blanket fort
  13. Spend the entire night in a tree house
  14. Visit all 50 states
  15. Ride a gondola
  16. Go on an African Safari
  17. Ride an elephant
  18. See the fairy pools in Scotland
  19. Go to Fiji
  20. See the Northern Lights
  21. See the 7 Wonders
  22. Go to Hawaii
  23. Walk through a flower tunnel
  24. Ride in a helicopter
  25. Water tube down a river
  26. Star gaze on a roof
  27. Ride a water taxi
  28. Get married
  29. Shoot a gun
  30. Go to Mexico
  31. See Manhattan
  32. Go on the trampoline bridge
  33. See a castle
  34. Visit England
  35. See the glow worm caves
  36. Kiss on NYE
  37. Get a small tattoo
  38. Go to Australia
  39. Go to Coachella
  40. Go see Scotland
  41. Jump off a cliff
  42. Go to a pink sand beach
  43. Make macarons
  44. See the Brussels flower garden
  45. Dance in the rain
  46. Crash a big party
  47. Buy a Chanel
  48. Drive a vespa (again)
  49. Go zorbing
  50. Run a 5k
  51. Go to San Francisco
  52. Eat nothing but Taco Bell for a week
  53. Meet my soulmate
  54. Go to a Gatsby themed party
  55. Visit the family temple
  56. Go to Puerto Rico
  57. Write a book
  58. Go backpacking
  59. Stand on the equator
  60. Make the most out of life

What’s on your bucket list?



14 thoughts on “Before I Die…(My Bucket List!)

  1. That is an AMAZING list… starting off number one with seeing the sunset in Santorini- perfection. Ok you have definitely inspired me to actually write mine out. I love this idea for a post too! COME TO SAN FRANCISCO. That’s an easy one to knock off the list, right ?! 😉

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    1. You definitely have to make one!! I’ve been thinking a lot about how life only goes on for so long and how each day we live is one day less for us to go out and do these things we dream to do!!! Definitely write yours out; I’m super curious!! Maybe I’ll go to San Francisco!

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  2. I love your bucket list, Chrissey!!! It’s so crazy, a few hours ago I finished writing my blog post that is scheduled for tomorrow, which is actually about something I will be marking off my bucket list later this year. Then I scrolled through my reader and found your post. Quite coincidental! Your post reminds me that I need to write my list down.

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