21 Signs You’re A Kind-Of Adult

I was sitting on my flight last night, sipping my new favorite drink (a club soda with vodka) and instantly remembered back when I willlingly drank Bacardi and sprite or mystery punch. I’m at this strange spot in my life, post-graduation, where I’m kind of an adult… and also kind of not.

So, that’s how this list was made.

  1. You start agreeing with parents in Disney movies. Man, oh man. King Triton does have a point, Ariel barely knows this guy… and she wants to give up her mermaid abilities?
  2. You listen to NPR, watch the news for enjoyment, or get your news from a source besides Buzzfeed, Gawker, or Twitter.
  3. You start drinking vodka and club soda instead of fruity cocktails or college drinks.
  4. You pay extra for the avocado.
  5. You start buying clothing that you consider investments, rather than dresses that you’ll wear to the Theta Xi party once and throw in the back of your closet.
  6. Music in Forever 21, H&M, and all the trendy stores either confuse, annoy, or give you a headache.
  7. You enjoy going to TJ Maxx and looking at home goods.
  8. You would rather stay in by yourself and watch Netflix or Hulu rather than go out.
  9. People stop carding you when you purchase alcohols
  10. Thirteen year old girls call you ma’am.
  11. Buying alcohol stops seeming fun.
  12. Your friends are getting married and getting engaged while you can’t even commit to a lipstick.
  13. You hate something that you absolutely adored during undergrad (My thing is neon lipsticks and PBR. Both are gross).
  14. You start worrying about what you’re going to do about health insurance.
  15. You stop drinking on weeknights.
  16. You buy a pricier skincare/makeup/beauty item without thinking twice.
  17. You willingly eat salads and healthier foods.
  18. When someone mentions a trending musical artist or band you ask “what’s that?”
  19. Same with a slang phrase.
  20. You actually wait for the crosswalk to say you can cross the street.
  21. You do your own taxes.

What’s a sign that you’re kind of an adult?



5 thoughts on “21 Signs You’re A Kind-Of Adult

  1. OMG yes!! I recently started drinking gin & tonic because I can’t do sugary cocktails anymore. I think another sign you’re an adult is when you look forward to catching on sleep during the weekends instead of going out with your friends! I honestly treasure my sleep now.

    Thanks for this post. It was fun to read! x


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