Lunar New Year (Makeup, Outfit… and Food!)

So I’m in Dallas FW right now for a little over a week! I visit my grandmother a few times a year, and I chose this weekend to fly out because it is Lunar New Year! I’m still kind of figuring how I’m going to structure these posts or how I’m going to do them… but I think I’ll do a post daily (on the days I usually post) updating you all on what I’ve been up to and whatnot!

So today, my family and I celebrated Lunar New Year! We went to Asia Times Square (more tomorrow), and then celebrated at home with a feast of different Vietnamese foods and dishes.

I’ve had people ask me what my ethnicity is and tell me that they think I’m ethnically ambiguous/neutral, but I’m Vietnamese. One hundred percent, down the line.

Also, I’m wearing my glasses as I’m writing this post and watching How I Met Your Mother!

I’m staying at my grandmother’s house in the cutest room!

I’m definitely feeling like a princess!

Anyways, back to Lunar New Year and the celebrations. Lunar New Year is one of my favorite celebrations that we celebrate, it’s a special holiday and I remember being a little girl and celebrating it with my family and the cherished traditions we have.

It’s become a little more significant for me as I’ve become older, because regardless of the ethnicity or race of my partner I still want to share this celebration and holiday with my future children. My heritage is an extremely special part of me, and I want to be able to inform and celebrate with my progeny. Especially now, it’s so important to remember where we come from and who we are.
I fondly remember my mother and grandmother teaching me the significance of each tradition we have and the celebrations we hold. I think that was honestly the most special part.

My makeup was the usual look that I do, I opted for my Revlon balm stain in Crush!

I didn’t want to do anything too crazy since the ao dai is the main focus of my ensemble!

I have had the same ao dai (long dress) for a little while, as I only really wear it a handful of times per year. It’s this gorgeous coral fabric with gold glitter and threading and embroidery! I purchased it the first time I ever went to Vietnam, when I was about fifteen….

I know, I still fit it almost seven years later. I just fill it out better in some areas than I used to, hahahah.

We prepared a bunch of different Vietnamese dishes and foods for the celebration! Crab-egg soup, fried fish, nem chua, cha lua, spring rolls, and a bunch of other dishes! I arranged the dishes at the altar, per tradition.

It was an absolutely wonderful celebration with my family; I’m so blessed that I could celebrate the new year with them! We (me and my cousins) got our lucky money, or li xi, and were able to tell our elders (aunts, uncles, grandparents) our fond wishes for them for this new year. Often times you wish for good health, prosperity, luck, etc.

I’ll be updating you all on the rest of my trip! Do you like these little snippets and updates where I merge my outfit/makeup along with what I’ve been up to, or would you like separate posts?

Happy Lunar New Year! Are there any special celebrations you have from your culture ?



6 thoughts on “Lunar New Year (Makeup, Outfit… and Food!)

    1. Thank you so much! I think it’s very important to share your heritage and traditions, as there are so many curious minds out there! A lot of people don’t encounter traditions like Lunar New Year in their daily life, so I’m always more than happy to share!

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    1. Thanks Charlotte! It was a little different for me to do, and I had to forego using a lot of personal family photos so I was worried about the post being scarce! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m glad that I got to see her for the holidays too! It’s been such a nice trip! Have a great weekend!!

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