The Unabridged Sass’ Role in Trump’s America

I’ve been trying to choose the right words to talk to all of you, as I don’t do “letters from the editor” very often.

My grandfather said that he and my grandmother are the tree, whose roots firmly grew into the earth they settled in. He said that our parents, aunts and uncles were the branches that grew from the tree, and that my cousins and I are the fruits that those branches bore. 

I am tremendously proud to be an Asian-American woman and am blessed for each opportunity that my brother and I have, because I know if it were not for the sacrifices my parents and loved ones made, we would not be here. 

I’m tremendously proud to be the child of immigrants and am proud to live in a country that was founded and grown by people from all across the globe. I’m disappointed by what is going on politically and my heart hurts for those who are separated from their loved ones, or prohibited from their potential or future. 

I cannot even imagine how difficult or heartbreaking it would be to go through this, but my heart and my soul stands with those who need strength during this difficult time.

I am whole heartedly a feminist. I believe in equal rights, and I believe that everyone has unalienable rights. As a young, ethnic woman, I have had many experiences that make me even more passionate in my beliefs and thoughts, but that being said, these are my beliefs. I believe that each and every person has their right to have whichever beliefs they want (although I will admit that I may disagree with some of them… especially if you’re Donald Trump).

The presidency has divided our nation, and forced many people to take stances or step back in fear. I’ve never been the type of person to stand down, and I initially believed that this experience to be one to test our resilience and fortitude.

The day after the election, I told all of you,

“I think in situations of strife and difficulty there are many ways that we can react–you can choose to sit back and be afraid, to be upset and emotional, or you can respond with strength, resilience, and courage. Be the change that you wish to see in our nation, be loving and kind, understanding and positive. This is how we move forward, and this is how we don’t let this knock us down.”

And I am going to say that in times like these a lot of bloggers, musicians, individuals in general have decided to not comment on things politically. That is their choice to do so, but that’s not me. I think that things that are going on are straight out of a dystopian novel and that it is upsetting. I will be there for you all, if you need a listening ear. I’m only a comment or a tweet away! 

I think that this is all tragic, and the exact opposite of what our great nation stands for. I do not believe in this misplaced blame, hatred, anger, ignorance, sexism, racism, and discrimination. I am indeed a blogger, but I am foremost a woman–an ethnic woman who was raised by two very hard-working and loving immigrants. The exact kind of immigrants that have founded and built this country–a place previously believed to be a land of opportunity and growth.

And now that I have told you all this, although I will not shy from speaking my views or beliefs in my daily life, this blog wasn’t created for that purpose. It was not made for me to discuss my social or political beliefs, but rather as an escape. It was created as an escape from reality, and I love that we can all talk about all sorts of things on here. Although I may write a post here and there (like the one I wrote on Inauguration Day), The Unabridged Sass has not been, and will never be a political blog. 

I am not going to regularly report on the political state of our nation, but if I write a personal view or “think about it” piece, then it happens. And if it gets written, it’ll be like me sharing my experience or views with one of my friends.

I think there is a difference between hiding your political and social views at fear of losing respect and followers, and acknowledging the current issues in our society and showing your support–but deciding not to talk about it twenty four even. 

The Unabridged Sass wasn’t made to advance any agendas, but rather as a place for me to share my thoughts and ideas, posts about lipstick and Taco Bell. Posts about fashion and funny stories about bad dates.

So with that being said, best of luck to all of you.

And in typical sassy Chrissey nature, all negative commentary will be deleted. I’m a fair person, but I am not going to tolerate disrespect.

Good luck, and have a wonderful day!



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