A Trip To Asia Times Square (Outfit, Makeup, etc)

One place we always visit is Asia Times Square, which is abundant with street venders selling delicious foods and cute little trinkets! I love going for Lunar New Year whenever I’m in the DFW area, as there isn’t really anything like it in Chicago.

I ended up wearing my usual makeup with the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral! I just recently bought this floral blouse from Forever 21. It’s an adorable floral print bow tie chiffon blouse, and so I paired it with my sage green khakis, which I cuffed at the bottom. I paired these with my ankle booties and of course, my lush green peacoat.

(My hair’s gotten long, right!?!)

The cuffed sage green pants paired with the ultra girly and feminine floral blouse definitely provided a nice refined contrast. The ankle booties definitely made things a tad more edgier, but it definitely all works well together!

My cousin Bill and I always take a rickshaw photo! It’s one of the must-have shots whenever we visit Asia Times Square!

The venders sold the absolute cutest things, from elaborate little origami figures (I have a pink penguin from the first time I visited), little tiny plants, bubbles, lanterns, and all sorts of knick knacks!

And the food was amazing… papaya salad, fried cheese, grilled meat, kabobs, egg rolls, rice cakes, candies, fried dough and cakes… all sorts of delicious street foods. My cousin and I sampled from this delicious curry flavored hot pot; he had pork and I had beef!

It was nice to see all of the different stands and all of the hard work that the vendors put into their wares! Every knick knack was artfully crafted and every food item was made with love.

The decorations were so nice and it was overall such a fun experience! Which is of course, why it’s a necessary stop if I visit during Lunar New Year! It definitely reminded me a bit of the streets of Vietnam, which I haven’t visited in quite some time! Maybe Chicago (or wherever I end up) will follow suit and have their own Asia Times Square!

What your favorite street food?



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