Testing Out Two Instagram Makeup Trends

Even though I’ve been posting about my trip, I decided to take a break to blog about testing out two makeup tips (or techniques) that I’ve been seeing on Instagram! And of course, I had to blog about it with you all.

A quick aside as to what I’m doing right this moment, my grandmother actually gave me this matching sweatshirt sweatpants combo and I’m kinda rocking it. It feels very 2005, but I’m super comfortable right now sipping on my Thai iced tea and watching How I Met Your Mother as I write this post.

I kind of feel like I’m five again. Just a bit.

I’m the type of girl that does the same makeup every day and changes up her lip color. And I’ve told you all that, countless times. I don’t usually deviate from my usual routine or products (except lipsticks!). For Pete’s sake, I lugged my entire Tarteist Pro palette with me to Dallas!

So, I decided to step out of my comfort zone a little bit to test these trends out, using my own products. I see them a lot on Instagram, which made me a little nervous because I’m not a huge fan of “Instagram” makeup. I prefer a more natural but slightly glam look, rather than the “baddie” look.

(Would you guys want me to go against my makeup preferences and try the Insta-glam look?)

I decided to try baking and custom lip color mixing. Both of these things made me nervous, as they always seem a bit excessive in the videos that I watched. But as you all know, I’m pretty daring and adventurous and do not hesitate to go out of my comfort zone a little.

It was a special kind of day for me actually, as today was the photo shoot day! Leo (my cousin. Sorry to disappoint but I’m kind of perpetually alone) and I made plans to go to the botanical gardens to take photos! Maybe not the best day to get all experimental with my makeup… but oh well!

Baking is not as fun as it sounds. It’s not eating a loaf of bread while you do your makeup, but rather applying a shit ton of translucent powder to your undereye area after you use concealer. Or any area, really. You let your makeup “bake” or “cook” and then brush it off with a powder brush. It’s supposed to really set your makeup and I guess lighten and brighten that area too!

Custom mixing your lip color is self explanatory. You just mix your lip products to make a custom lip color! This has been increasingly trending since the rising popularity of all of these lip palettes.

Dare I say that my makeup actually turned out amazing!

For concealing, I used my LUSH Color Supplement in Light Yellow, and my LUSH Emotional Brilliance translucent powder for “baking.” I was really worried that my undereye area would end up paper white like the girls on Instagram, but it ended up making my makeup last longer and also silky smooth! My under eyes looked SUPER smooth and simultaneously natural! It didn’t look crazy harsh or dramatic like I was worried about, and also really concealed any dark circles I had. Surprisingly enough, I think I’ll keep doing this with my own products! (Do you guys want a blog tutorial? I’ll be more than happy to make one!)

As for my lip color, I did a very light base layer of Giorgio Armani’s liquid lipstick, and then applied Revlon’s Balm Stain in Crush and honestly, smashed and rubbed my lips quickly together to form a cohesive, homogenous color. Sorry guys, the tray and spatula idea seemed too messy. I then dotted Lolita on top of the color, and once again rubbed to mix. It made a pretty cherry rose color that was satin-matte. Not only was it incredibly long lasting, but also moisturizing since I mixed a balm stain with the two liquid lips! I think I will definitely continue using this little trick, and am excited to see what other colors I can come up with!

All in all, I think that trying out these new techniques really helped me get out of my comfort zone! I was able to have a little bit of fun and really test my creativity. And the results were absolutely amazing!

I was genuinely worried about things looking unnatural, and I think a big reason why everything turned out wonderful was because I used my own products. You can get inspiration from everywhere, even if you don’t want the exact look!

By using a light/sheer concealer and a truly translucent powder my result was a lot more natural than one seen on the internet! And I loved the result! I think if you use a typical “translucent” powder that has a white cast it will give you an Instagram look. Mine is truly translucent so my under eye was smooth and set, but not paper white.

As for the custom lip, by using products I really liked, I ended up with a lip product that I genuinely enjoyed! I recommend mixing products that don’t dry super fast so you can really make sure it’s all smooth and combined.

And now, at the end of the day my makeup still looks pretty damn good! After a photo shoot, dinner, some errands, everything still looks decently fresh!

I’ll definitely be utilizing these techniques for the future, and am really glad that I got to try something new that was so beneficial! I’m thinking about trying more “trends” and sharing them with you guys… what do you think? Which ones should I try?

What makeup trend are you most curious about?



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